How Fast can a Skateboard Go | Average speed of skaters

How Fast can a Skateboard Go

 Skateboarding may seem like a highly enticing option if you are tired of walking around and want a quicker way to get around town or even travel to work. How to get around town or even travel to work. how fast can a skateboard go? This is one of the key queries you might have when looking to purchase a skateboard.

A skateboard can travel at a speed between 5 and 12 mph on average. This figure features a variety of settings, skills, and geography. Skateboarders with experience may frequently reach speeds of 8 mph and more. When pushed on flat terrain, longboards go at an average speed of 8-10 mph, making them even quicker than skateboards.

The amount of experience the rider has, the surface and surroundings, the board’s material, and the size of the wheels are just a few of the many variables that might influence a skateboard’s average speed.

The details about how fast can a skateboard go are given below.

Tips for Skateboarding Speed Record

How Fast can a Skateboard Go

When skating at high speeds, a number of different factors are at play. You must first set up your board properly. You will be able to accelerate more quickly and maintain higher speeds with lighter trucks and a deck.

Second, you must be an accomplished rider. In order to handle your board at fast speeds, you need a lot of experience and skill.

Finally, you must select the proper riding surface. While bumpy or slick surfaces can slow down, smooth concrete or asphalt will allow you to cruise at high speeds with relative ease.

So keep these things in mind if you want to increase your speed.

Average Skateboard Speed

Your skating experience, skill level, and entire skateboard setup all play role in how fast can a  skateboard go. The skating surface and your surroundings ( wheel, diameter, bearings, weight). The average skateboard speed that genuine skateboarders have really measured and documented is shown in the samples below.

Skateboarding TypesAverage Speed
Moderately Skilled Skateboarder7.5 mph
Short Commutes8-12 mph
Moderate Cruising With Big Soft Wheels7 mph
10+ Miles on Flat5-8 mph
UC Davis Average Skateboard Speed Observations9.7 mph
Hard Pushing With Quality Bearings7.5-12 mph
Longboard Skateboard8-9 mph

It is common knowledge that better skateboards, experienced riders, and a few downhills produce average speeds that are higher than those of moderately to unskilled skaters using inferior skateboards.

Peter Connolly beat Kyle Wester by a Slim margin to win the world record for the fastest speed on a skateboard in 2017, which is 91 skate.

Fastest Skateboarder in the World

How Fast can a Skateboard Go

Pete Connolly’s claim to the title of fastest downhill skateboarder was officially recognized by Guinness world Records.

Solidifying his position in history and raising the bar for upcoming world speed record attempts. He holds the title for the fattest skateboarding speed.

Pete is currently the fastest skateboarder in the world after being the first person in the history to skateboard at speeds greater than 91 mph.

Fastest Skateboard

The most fastest skateboards in the worlds are:

Boosted Stealth

This Boosted electric skateboard is a great four- wheeled skateboard that you can use for practical transportation or even just for fun. It has a very sleed angd high end design aesthetic.

This skateboard’s extra flexible deck creates an energetic and responsive ride witha respectable top speed of 24 mph. Riders can maneuver aggressively at high speeds and down tracks while feeling safe and stable will be beneficial.

Meepo NLS

Probably the most cozy electric skateboard. The Meepo NLS’s primary selling points are its 3.9 inch wheels with regenerative braking and a top speed of up to 26 mph.

With a price tag of only $600, this device, which advertises itself as the fastest and most powerful electric skateboard on the market, is a little monster that can easily compete with a market leader.

All things considered, we can unquestionably suggest it as a starter board for enthusiasts who are just learning o ride and want to go a little faster at a reasonable price.

Enertion Raptor 2.1 30 Mph

The inertia and Raptor 2.1 are the greatest electric boards for tech enthusiasts and hobbyists with a fully modular, open-source, and programmable electronic propulsion. System, according to their specifications.

If you want to get inside the skateboard’s engine and make some modifications, this is the ideal electric model. In other words, for a tech geek, these electric boards with a top speed of 30 mph are the stuff of dreams.

How Fast can a Skateboard Go

Nextboard NGV

The benchmark for the world’s swiftest electric boards is the Nextboard NGV. It moves so quickly that an electric skateboard needs it to travel at the fastest speed.

Mischo Erban, a thrill seeker, currently holds the record, reaching an astounding 59.54 mph. The Nextboard’s top-tier 12S battery pack allows it to travel at a speedy 68mph.

Bioboard Plutonium

The fastest e-skates that will leave you in awe were created by the billboard using the 418000 power. Let’s focus on speed since it is the key issue at hand. With all the favorable variables, the plutonium can travel at a top speed of 57 mph.

By altering the wheels, a number of motors, and batteries, you can adjust the speed. The deck’s dropdown shape is made of fiberglass and Canadian maple and measures 46 inches long by 11 inches wide.

The deck slight concavity and gritty grip tape will help to keep your feet firmly in place. Another wonderful feature is the ability to sync all of your rides with a smartphone app, which also alters your battery life and other information.


A machine has 10,000W capable 110Kv belt-drive motors. Its top speed is unknown because, if I may venture a guess, they may have struggled to reach it during testing.

This has a massive 18S8P 2,1613W battery pack, so you can travel up to 90 miles without worrying about running out of power. Although the tyres are made specifically for rough terrain, you may still drive at a fast pace on flat ground and on paths made of grass or gravel.

To help riders be more visible to other automobiles on the road, it is equipped with LED lights on both ends.

Longboard speed record

Longboarding speeds range from 6mph when cruising to 50-65 mph when traveling downhill.

Longboards ride far more quickly and effortlessly over asphalt. Confidently gliding over rocks and cracks. When it comes to speed, they are also bigger and more stable than skateboards.

An easy-to-push longboard can travel at 8 to 9 mph, which is roughly 1 mph quicker than a street skateboard.

How Fast can a Skateboard Go

Peter Connolly set the 146.73 km/h  record of fastest longboarder in 2017. Cami Bbest, who skated for 2 hours, 1 minute, and 7 seconds during the 2011 Andrenalina in New york city, now holds the marathon record.

Paul Kkent now holds the record for men, clocking in at 1 hour, 32 minutes, and 13 seconds in the 2011. Rick Pronk set the record for the longest skated distance in a 24 hour period in 2017 by skating 313 miles in the Dutch Ultraskate.

Saskia Tromp, who skated 262 miles at the same competition, currently holds the record for women.

Average Speed of a Speed Skater

Hence, average speed of a speed skater may frequently attain speeds of over 35 mph, While short-track speeds of over 35 mph, while short-track speed skaters typically exceed 30 mph.

The fact that athletes must execute tight, rapid spins while flying around the oval makes speed in the sport particularly challenging.

Olympics Speed Skaters With The Quickest Times in 2022

There are numerous male and female gold medalists in the various events in the 2022 winter Olympics.At the Beijing Olympics, the following athletes won two gold medals and the broke olympic records.

Nils van der Poel of Sweden won the men’s average speed skating mph 5000 and 10,000 meters races.

Irene Schouten of the Netherlands won the women’s 5000-meter and 3000-meter races.

How to Go Faster on Skateboard

Enhanced Wheel Size and Comfort

The bigger wheels offer more speed for your trip, as a general rule of thumb. You should also take the wheel’s hardness into account.

The faster you can cruise on uneven streets and sidewalks, the lower the durometer. On smooth surfaces, the board moves at a faster pace the higher the durometer. 

Larger and softer wheels are the ideal design for a quick board for cruising and commuting.

Select Longboards

Longboards are designed for speed, as previously indicated, and have larger, softer wheels as well as longer wheelbases. 

Longboards provide a faster speed for those who value cruising or commuting over performance riding.

Bearings of Better Quality

For quality assurance, it is recommended to get bearings from reputed companies as Bones, Bronson Speed Co., or Spitfire.

The ABEC grade is a crucial factor to take into account when updating your bearings. Bearings with an ABEC rating of 7 perform well and have excellent tolerance in high-speed applications, making them a good choice for additional speed.

Other Considerations

Take off the Axle Nuts

Axle nuts that are too tight can cause the boards wheel to spin slowly. To get the wheel to roll how you want them to, just slightly loosen nuts with a skate tool or wrench. You run the risk of them coming off the axle if you loosen them up too much.

Improve Your Riding Abilities

Large and forceful pushes are essential to mastering the art of skating quickly. When you push off the ground, its critical to maintain as much of your body weight on the front foot as you can.

Additionally, increasing your speed by learning how to stop or slow down while skating on the street at high speeds without the worry of losing your balance, you may ride more quickly and let your board achieve its maximum speed.

Tips to Improve your Speed on Skateboarding

There are a few things you may do to increase your skateboarding speed.  First, check to see that your board is in good shape and that the wheels are correctly inflated. You can go more quickly and avoid flats if you do this.

Next, work on your technique and master the tuck and draught. These two sophisticated skateboarding skills can help you skateboard more quickly.

Finally, be careful to select the appropriate surface for your journey. You can travel at high speeds on smooth concrete but you will certainly slowdown bumpy and slick surface.

You can quickly turn into a speed demon on a skateboard by using advice.


Walking is much slower than skating. You can get where you are going much faster if you travel at an average pace of 5 to 12 mph. Due to their huge wheels and large bodies, longboards, in contrast, are even quicker than skateboards, with an average cruising speed of 9-10 mph.

There are several things you may do to boost your average speed. You can increase your speed by honing your technique until you have experience skating, going downhill, selecting routes with fewer uphills, and purchasing larger or softer wheels for your board.

Hope your all queries get cleared about how fast can a skateboard go.


How Fast can a Skateboard Go on Flat Ground?

A skateboard can travel at a speed between 5 and 12 mph on average. This figure features a variety of setting skills, and geography, skateboarders with experience may frequently reach speeds of 8 mph and more. When pushed on flat ground, longboards go at an average speed of 8-10 mph, making them even quicker than skateboards.

Are Skateboarders as Quick as Bikes?

Skateboarders typically outperform cyclists, at least in some situatiobns. Other advantages of skating can offset the fact that bikers are, on average, around two miles per hour quicker than skateboarders.

Does Skating Help You get Ripped?

Skateboarding is a great kind of exercise since it uses almost all of your muscles, including those in your core, lower back, and feet. Your core,glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and calves will be toned.

What is the Skateboard’s Top Speed?

A speed of 89.41 mph professional downhill skateboarder kyle wester broke the record for the highest speed ever timed on a skateboard on August 29 at an unnamed site in Colorado, clocking a blazing 89.41 miles per hour.

How Quickly can a Standard Skateboard Travel?

Clearly, skateboarding is faster than waling. Skateboarders move between 6 and 13 miles per hour on average, according to research we conducted at UC Davis. It also depends on a skateboard speed.

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