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Element Skateboard Brand

Element Skateboard Brand, Johnny Schillereff established Element Skateboards in the United States in 1992. The company produces skateboard decks as well as clothing and footwear. Element relocated to “The Branch”, a creative hub in Costa Mesa, California, in 2014 and started working there.

2018 saw the purchase of Element by Boardriders, Inc. Element has offices in Saint Jean de Luz, France, and Huntington Beach, California. Toy Machine is another brand in the same city giving this one a tough time.

FoundersJohnny Schillereff
HeadquartersIrvine, California United States
Served areaWorldwide

Company Stores

The stores where Element brands are located are given below:

  • New York City
  • Orlando (Universal CityWalk)
  • Montreal
  • Sidney
  • Honolulu
  • Madrid
  • Paris

In 2016, the business stopped running it’s store in Burlington, Canada.

Recognition of the Element Skateboard Brand

Some of the top skaters in the business are supported by the Element Skateboard brand. Skateboarding icons including Bam Margera, Ray Barbee, Tom Schaar, Mark Appleyard, Nyjah Huston, Donny Barley, Evan Smith, Nick Garcia, and numerous others are on it’s team.

Element Skateboard Brand 2023

The logo for the company Element, which stands for Wind, Water, Fire, and Earth, is unquestionably one of the most recognizable in the sector.

The Element skateboard brand is solid and has endured the industry’s ups and downs for decades.

Products of Element Brands

In addition to offering complete skateboards, The Element skateboard brand also provides everything else you’ll need for skating. Skateboards, decks, wheels, ball bearings, trucks, grip tapes, clothing, backpacks, caps, and flat bars are just a few of the brand’s many goods.

The brand offers further goods. There are several high-quality cards available with quite fashionable and alluring designs.

The skateboarding world holds high regard for Element’s complete skateboards because they are affordable and of high quality.

With a setup that costs less than $100, you get a sturdy deck and respectable parts, including Element’s own trucks, wheels, and bearings.

 Sizes of Element Skateboard Decks

The following width measurements are available for Element Skateboards decks:

  • 7.35’’
  • 7.5’’
  • 7.75’’
  • 8.0’’
  • 8.125’’
  • 8.25’’
  • 8.38’’
  • 8.4’’
  • 8.46’’
  • 8.5’’
  • 8.625’’
  • 8.75’’
  • 8.875’’
  • 9.0’’
  • 9.25’’

I used a full skate for my sturdy, which has a 14-inch wheelbase and a deck that is 8 inches wide by 31.75 inches long.

Different Types of Element Skateboards

There are different types of Element Skateboard’s that were launched by the company. Some of these are given below:

  • Element Skateboard Bam Heartgram
  • Element skateboard seal
  • Element skateboard feathers
  • Element skateboard woke
  • Element skateboard sylvan
  • Element skateboard Golden Hour

Element Skateboard Bam Heartgram

The Bam Margera Heartgram measures 32’’ by either 7.75’’ or 8’’. The Pink graphic with Bam’s name and a stylish pattern like a symbol is on the black variant. This construction board is strong and lightweight, and it has a performance concave for more flick.

52mm Element Bam Heartgram printed wheels and heavy-strength Element Core 5’’ aluminum trucks are standard equipment with the Bam Heartgram.

A pink version of the Bam Heartgram is also available on Amazon.

Element skateboard seal

The top and bottom of the Element Seal complete skateboard feature a classy, understated black background, while the Element emblem and names of the four natural elements are encircled by red lines. The artwork on this deck is impressive and eye-catching, especially when it is skated by a talented skater!

The Featherweight technique was used to create the 7-ply maple Element Seal deck, making it both light and durable. It comes with 5′′/5.25′′ trucks, 52mm wheels, and Element’s standard sizes (7.75′′ with a 14′′ wheelbase and 8.0′′ with a 14.25′′ wheelbase).

Element skateboard feathers

My personal favorite board is by far the Element Feathers. It is painted in three distinct geometric patterns that are symmetrically distributed throughout the wheelbase, nose, and tail in bright, clear colors. The rectangle, circular, and triangle motives provide a lovely overall impression thanks to the orange, blue, red, and white color schemes used.

The deck’s black border further contributes to the design’s dramatic and energizing visual impact. At the center of this clash of hues is a blue circle bearing the Element emblem.

Element skateboard woke

Amazing graphics and colors may be seen in The Element Awaken. The palm of a chic black hand has an eye-like form with the Element emblem inside.

At each of the four tips, a miniature version of the tree symbol from the logo extends. The color designates three sections; an orange/ black part on the nose and tail, and a white space between the trucks.

This is available in sizes 31.25’’ ×7.7’’ and 31.75’’×8.0’’, with 5’’ or 5.25’’ Element trucks and 52mm 99A wheels.

Element skateboard sylvan

The sylvan features a lovely design with four equal-length color quadrants and backgrounds in shades of yellow, red, blue, and green. The Element logo is displayed in white layered on top of the background in each quadrant.

Wheel base 14’’/14.25’’, 31.25’’ ×7.75’’ or 31.75’’×8’’, for this sylvan. It includes 53mm Element Wheels and the standard 5’’/ 5.25’’ polished Element trucks.

Element Skateboard Golden Hour

The Golden Hour measures 31.25 by 7.75 or 31.75 by 8 inches (14.25-inch wheelbase). The Element logo is located in a large black circle in the center of the deck, and it features vibrant red and yellow designs reminiscent of a sunrise or a sunset. The deck has a gentle concave that makes skating varied and simple. It uses the Featherweight construction method and is crafted from fine 7-ply maple wood, just like the majority of Element skateboard.


One of the most well-known skateboard brands in the world is Element. Both the amateur and professional skateboarding scenes have grown thanks to them. These skateboards are ideal for teenagers and beginners.

We adore these products, and we have no doubt that you will feel the same way. Element skateboards come highly recommended.



Is Element a Good Skateboard Brand?

Due to the size of the deck and the high caliber of the trucks and wheels, Element complete skateboards are a great choice for a beginner. This deck is offered by Element in an 8.0’’ size, which is ideal for most teenagers and smaller adults.

What are the Benefits of Element Skateboards?

The Element Skateboards have an excellent price-performance ratio and can be used for all types of skateboarding activities. You will receive a versatile board that you may use on the ramps and the street.

Are Elements Decks of Good Quality?

When combined with more sophisticated setups, like Independent or Thunder trucks, premium trick wheels like Bones, Ricta, and Bones Reds bearings keep your wheels rolling longer and more smoothly, The Element decks are excellent and well-suited for hard riding and tricks.

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