Girl Skateboards Brand Producing Hoodie, T-Shirts 2023

Girl Skateboards Brand

One of the top skateboard companies in 2021 is Girl skateboards Brand, and they have demonstrated that they sell some of the best professional skateboards available. The professional skateboarding scene has been significantly impacted by the brand .


The Girl Skateboard team has developed into one of the most well-known and reputable skateboard brands around, and they don’t appear to be slowing down.

Early in the 1990s, the Girl  Skateboarding team started to manufacture their own skateboard decks because they couldn’t find any of high quality. One of the first skateboard manufacturers was headquartered in California and is called Girl Skateboards. Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Megan Baltimore, and Spike Jonze, four prominent skateboarders, created the brand in August 1993 in Torrance, California.

As experienced and professional skaters came to understand that the quality of their decks was substantially superior to many of the other brands on the market at the time, they started to grow at a fantastic rate within a few years. Element skateboard brand is another one that produces top-notch skateboard related equipment.

Originally simply making skateboard decks of the highest quality, the business has since grown to include whole skateboards, wheels, bearings, clothes, and even the production of skateboarding-related films and media. 

In order to increase its consumer base, the brand started supporting elite skaters and pro competitions. As the company’s reputation grew, it started selling skateboards in a variety of sizes and soon began selling skateboard clothes as well as other products including entire skateboards, skateboard wheels, trucks, and bearings.

Girl Skateboards Brand

The Reason Behind the Name “Girl ”

According to Andy Jenkins, someone told Rick Howard that he “skated like a Girl,” and the group thought it was humorous, so they adopted the term. Andy, who served as the company’s longtime head of the art department, created the logo.

Here’s a fascinating video from the brand’s 20th anniversary that tells a somewhat different tale. Over three decades later, it’s still challenging to remember the details!

Professional Team of Girl Brand

The current professional team of Girl brand is comprised of:

  • Cory Kennedy
  • Brandon Biebel
  • Mike Carroll
  • Mike Mo Capaldi
  • Rick Howard
  • Sean Malto
  • Rick McCrank
  • Guy Mariano
  • Jeron Wilson

The former professional team of this brand comprises:

  • Tim Gavin
  • Jovantae Turner
  • Rudy Johnson
  • Colin McKay
  • Paul Rodriguez
  • Brian Andreson
  • Eric Mariano
  • Tony Ferguson
  • Robbie McKinley

Products of Girl Brand

Girl makes some of the highest quality skateboard decks we’ve ever skated, and we adore them to the moon and back. The decks offer excellent balance and control when skating and are highly durable.

Girls skateboards began as a business that exclusively sold professional skateboard decks, but it has now grown to sell almost all skateboarding gear. Decks, wheels, hoodies, T-shirts, accessories, and skateboards are best sellers of this brand.

They have also entered the beginner skating market by making complete skateboards that are more reasonably priced and suitable for beginners, but they continue to place a premium on making top-notch professional skateboards for their team of sponsored riders. It is best for any age group whether you are a pro or even a beginner.

Girl Skateboards

With the best skates with different designs, logos, and graphics, the brand has specialized in skate equipment. It includes:

Girl Skateboards Brand

Complete Skateboards for Teenagers

  • Stevie Perez M Chunk Chocolate Complete-7.625
  • Cory Kennedy S pirate Girl Complete- 7.625
  • Stevie Perez S Floral Chocolate complete- 7.5
  • Niels Bennett S little Prince Girl complete-7.5

Complete Skateboards

  • Sean Malto L 93 Til Girl Complete-7.75
  • Vincent Alvarez XL Sapo chocolate complete- 8.0
  • Griffin Gas XL vibration Girl Complete-8.0
  • Stevie Perez L Floral chocolate complete-8.175
  • Mikemo Capaldi XL clown pirate Girl complete-8.175
  • Stieve Perez XL vanner chocolate complete-8.25
  • Sean Malto XXL Night Attack  Girl complete- 8.25

A few Facts the Brand

A few facts about this brand are given below:

  • Girl Skateboards pre-assemble their boards so that you may begin skating right away after purchasing them.
  • The decks are fantastic thanks to their excellent design, lovely visuals, and lovely artwork.
  • They are the owners of well-known businesses like Foursstar apparel, Royal Skateboards, and Chocolate Skateboards.
  • The business sells sturdy, long-lasting skateboard decks.
  • The company is innovative in that it gives each deck a team member’s name. Its extensive assortment will leave you with no shortage of options.


Innovative business Girl skateboards brand are renowned for their distinctive designs and extraordinary effects. They have put out a number of skate videos with narrative skits interspersed. Their most well-known video to date is Yeag right (2003).

Girl skateboards have long been a pioneer in the skating sector and continue to offer top-notch gear to both amateur and expert riders.


Does Girl make Quality Skateboards?

One of the top skateboard manufacturers in 2021, Girl Skateboards has demonstrated that they offer some of the greatest professional skateboards available.

Female Skateboards are Composed of What?

The decks of girl skateboards are made of sturdy, 7-ply maple. Each bears the name of a Female team player.

Where did Female Skateboards Originate?

Four skateboarders, including Megan Baltimore, Rick Howard, Spike Jonze, and Mike Carroll, founded the Female Skateboards brand in 1993. It’s one of the most inventive brands out there, and it unavoidably originates in California.

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