Corduroy Skate Pants and Trousers for Men and Women 2023

corduroy skate pants

The popularity of corduroy skate pants among skaters is rising. Corduroy pants are durable and always comfy because of their pleasant cuts and strong materials. You can choose from a large selection of corduroy skate pants from the top brands at the skate deluxe skate shop.

Since cotton is the most common material used to make corduroy pants, they are cozy to wear. Corduroy pants are ideal for skating because of the fabric’s exceptional durability.

Conversely, These are a staple of the skate scene and are frequently seen in skate parks and other public places.

Elements while buying skate pants:

Here is a list of the most important elements to take into account while buying these pants.

Elements while buying skate pants

Material of Cloth:

Similar to your safety gear, skater pants are available in a variety of fabrics that are acceptable to you. Let’s look at a couple of them.

Polyester is the ideal material for use outside because it is strong light, and dries rapidly. Cotton is one of the easiest to care for clothing materials, making it one of the most comfortable choices.


For your legs to move freely while performing stunts, your pants must be as flexible. In such a scenario, there are three popular fits for skateboard pants: slim, relaxed, and classic.

The tightest of the three are slim-fit jeans. It gives the consumer a long, lean feeling. Conversely, relaxed pants are a little colder.

Additionally, they create extra room between the thighs and the clothing. The classic fit is another style of skateboarding pants. This one fits in the middle of the slim and relaxed ranges.


The material composition of the pants does not always correspond to their weight. And not everyone desires a pair of oversized skater jeans. Therefore, take your leg’s range of motion into account when picking skate pants. You can then determine if they are light or not.

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When selecting the best skate trousers for skateboarding, there are other considerations to take into account. Therefore, keep in mind to refer to the buying guide for a detailed explanation of them.


Pants life depends on its stitching. After numerous stretches on the cloth, it aids in holding the pants components in palce, while some pants use triple stitching, others simply use double.

The metal rivets on the pants are another quality related to their durability. By securely securing the components these alloy bits also contyribute to the durability of the parts.

Additionally heavy duty zippers are available. This kind of zippers is resistant to dearth and filth.

 Here are the leading manufacturers of this skateboard clothes, albeit before we delve into them.

  • Dickies Men’s Pants
  • Volcom Men’s Pants
  • Southpole Men’s Pants

The skater corduroy pants outfit mens are given below:

Dickies Original 874 Work Pants for Men:

The Dickies Men’s Original 874 Work pants improve our lives with their distinctive utility. These pants include a heavy-duty ratcheting brass zipper that locks securely around the wearer’s waist, identifiable belt loops, and a hook and eye waist clasp. These give me the confidence to move around on my board.

Additionally, the durability and ease of maintenance of this pant design strike the ideal balance. Dickies for skating are made of a cotton and polyester blend, making them cozy and durable. Additionally, the fabric does not seem rigid, making washing it simple.

Dickies Original 874 Work Pants for Men

I believe the built-in stain release feature of these particular pants further contributes to how easy they are to maintain. This indicated that it repels dirt less so than other fabrics. Therefore, considerable cleaning won’t be necessary, which could harm the fabric of the skate trousers.

Mens Modern Fit Strech Chino Pants by Volcom:

The Volcom Men’s Modern Fit Stretch Chino Pants shape is the first aspect I adore. It has a contemporary fit that tapers along my legs.

Although these jeans are not particularly skinny, they make my thighs appear thin. I also believe that these pants make me appear generally leaner for a guy my size, who is average-sized.

These pants are great for skating, in my opinion. My feet can fit through this 16-inch hole carved into the bottom of my Volcom jeans. Wearing the pants does not seem difficult with these. Additionally, it does not appear too large or off-putting to the shape of the pants.

Flex Strech Basic Long Chino Pants Southpole for Men:

I discovered the south pole Men’s Flex Stretch Basic Long Chino Pants when looking for stylish pants. Since 98% of the materials in these pants are cotton, it does not retain as much heat as other textiles.

The Pair is pleasant for daily usage because the weight and suppleness are balanced properly.

Additionally stretchable, these trousers are perfect for skateboarding activities. They include 2% spandex, which gives them the ideal amount of elasticity. Thus, the south pole is a stretchable pant in addition to being lightweight. I can now move freely without being constrained by my pants.

I really appreciate that this brand offers a variety of colors. It is available in skate pants in black, olive, dark slate, new navy, caramel, and deep khaki.

Flex Strech Basic Long Chino Pants Southpole for Men

Men’s Skateboard Pants by Ruiatoo:

The Ruiatoo Men’s Fashion Skateboard pants have a looser fit and are suitable for nearly any street activity.

In addition to being suitable for skateboarding, they are also appropriate for hip-hop, sports, and everyday wear. I think these Jeans are perfect for someone who enjoys being active outside.

The body is made entirely of cotton, which not only makes it feel light but also gives it a pleasant flex. Additionally, I think this material is sturdy. Together, these characteristics give the pants the ideal combination of comfort and durability, particularly for outdoor activities.

Men’s Athletic Fit Cargo Pants by Match:

The Match Men’s Athletic Fit Cargo Trousers are a great pair of pants that I would choose because of their sporty appearance.

The straight-leg cut of these skating cargo trousers provides enough room between the thighs and the body of the pants. I like the pair because it does not look bulky or feel like big skate Jeans.

I really like that these military cargo trousers include pockets. These pockets not only have the perfect size, but also strong sewn seams. I can bring along keys and other items win these and be sure they won’t degrade too rapidly.

These cargo skate trousers include strong pockets in addition to two additional that are located on the outside of each thigh. Therefore, it might be a separate space for a T-tool or any other necessary riding gear.

Chino Reserve from Brixton:

The Brixton chino pants are made with a traditional straight fit to provide maximum comfort for any skateboarder.

These pants have a good fit across my thighs and leave room for my legs. Because they are so lightweight and go well with a casual shirt, I adore wearing them.

Brixton also offers the right amount of simplicity and style. To maintain a solid color for sewed pieces, the company employs a tonal stitching technique. This element, in my opinion, helps to make these pants more stylish and appealing to the eye.

The back welt pockets on these pants are very popular. This component is helpful to me because I carry a lot of stuff everywhere. Additionally, I appreciate how the welted pattern makes the pants uncomplicated and informal.

Prizes of Corduroy skate pants women’s:

 Hence the variant prices of these pants for women are given below:

Corduroy skate pants prices
TitusUSD 49.8
Wide leg cordUSD 101.42
Cotton Corduroy PantUSD 47.49
Women SpringUSD 30.00
Amuse Society USD 63.87
Vintage CordingsUSD 46.18
Brown CorduroyUSD 45.31
High waistedUSD 39.99
Bambi casualUSD 30.00

Price of baggy Corduroy skate pants:

The baggy pants are generally thick corduroy pants. The stuff used in these pants is thick. The prices of some of them are:

Baggy Skate pants prices
Organic cotton $12.60 – $ 15.80
Inflation suit drop waist Magic$14.58 – $17.56
Straight Leg Big Pocket$9.99 – $14.99
Slack Fall Elastic waist$9.33 – $11.77
Vintage baggy Corduroy skate pant$12.60 – $15.60
Trending Draping Super soft$18


When skateboarding, there are several ways to look and feel fantastic. One is having a good skateboard, and the other is dressing appropriately for the activity. You feel safe, at ease, and have freedom of movement.

Additionally, skating is a terrific experience because you can always stay safe with the right safety equipment. Do not miss out on our top picks by reading articles about the best skateboard knee pads and reliable skateboard gloves.

You are one step closer to getting the skateboarder appearance you have always desired now that you know which skateboard trousers to buy. You will choose the best option for you if you keep in mind the advice I have given you.

Hope you all your queries about corduroy skate pants are clear.


Can you cut corduroy pants?

Yes, but you have to keep in mind certain things. When cutting corduroy, be especially careful to cut it with the grain. Make certain that the grainline arrows on the pattern are parallel to the cloth wales precisely (ribs). To better view the rib, I find it helpful to cut the fabric with the right side facing up.

Do empyre corduroy pants shrink?

Warm water washing is a breeze and the fabric dries quickly in a hot dryer with minimal to no shrinkage.

What shade of Corduroy pants ought people should buy?

The most adaptable colors include:

  • olive corduroy pants
  • purple skate pants
  • Brown skate pants
  • Tan skate pants
  • Navy skate pants
  • Khaki skate pants

But there are also brighter colors like crimson, burgundy mustard yellow, and bright green. There are also variant colors of corduroy skate pants are available.

Can you skate in corduroy skate pant?

Since cotton is the most common material used to make corduroy trousers, they are cozy to wear. Corduroy pants are ideal for skating because of the fabric’s exceptional durability. It makes skating more easy and safe because these skate pants have cozy stuff.

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