How to Paint a Skateboard Deck DIY Spray Painting 2023

How to Paint a Skateboard Deck

How to Paint a Skateboard Deck is one of burning the questions that most of the skaters always curious about. Skateboards look super enlightening, conceived in different designs and colors. We can purchase various kinds of skateboards featuring vibrant designs and styles. However, over time, this design and style look monotonous to us. In this way, we can add customization according to our own will. Painting a skateboard gravitated toward the board and made you young at heart. Some people prefer to buy a new skateboard that costs so much only for painting. If you are one of those people and thinking about buying a new skateboard, don’t go for it and waste your money. As we can indulge our skateboard in novice designs and styles of the day, why would we buy a pricey skateboard? 

There are hoards of tutorials for painting skateboards. This article will discuss the procedure to hue your loveable skateboard in just a few steps. Painting a skateboard deck might be difficult for some people, but, to be frank, it will be easy-peasy, lemon squeezy. You have only to stay connected through the blog to learn cool skateboard painting ideas. 

Pro-Tip: Before you go for painting, be sure to have the following tools for the long board painting in a captivating and proficient way.

Tips to paint a skatebaord
  1. Painting dress or rough suit
  2. Mask to avoid fluff
  3. Electric sander with the grit-point 150/300/400 sandpapers
  4. Wood-filling paste to fill out the un-flat and un-leveled surfaces
  5. Aersol primer and hand primer
  6. Painter’s tape 
  7. Grip tape 
  8. Stencil
  9. High-end Skateboard paint

Note: Don’t go for painting without the upper-discussed tools because it may deteriorate the look and harm you.

Easiest ways to paint a skateboard like a professional and marvelous painter

Painting is a skillful act that requires appropriate tools to hue the sculpture into vibrant colors. Painting puts the soul into a petrified module. If you can access an adept painter, ask him to paint your skateboard/ longboard. If you have no connection to any paint or if it costs you pricey, make up your mind and imagine yourself a competent painter. Always have some tips and tactics through tutorials and blog sites to camouflage your skateboard into a new and refreshing look.

Here are some steps to color your skateboard into an ambient and vibrant look.

Easiest ways to paint a skateboard

Step 1: How to Paint a Skateboard Deck

Set up the appropriate area and bundle up into proper clothes. Sanding and painting the skateboard will cause sawdust; spray paint can spread over a large area, and your clothes won’t be the exception. Therefore, put on proper dress and spread a rough sheet or towel on the working surface to avoid getting paint on your dress and clothes. The working area must be ventilated since the fumes of spray paint can be toxic in enclosed areas. By the way, Spray painting skateboard is relatively easy than the standard way of painting.

Step 2:

Begin with the disassembly of trucks from the deck. Turn the bolts in the counter-clockwise direction to remove the bolts and, eventually, the trucks . Afterward, you might find some graphics on the skateboard as they are essential to enhance the beauty of your skateboard. So it is better to pluck off the stickers. 

Step 3:

Put your board on the surface and start sanding the intended area of the board with the electric sander installing 150-grit sandpaper. You can sand the surface by rubbing the same sandpaper in the hand paint skateboard process, but the machine can save time. If the board furnishes grip tape, you can use a tard on the working surface to avoid scratches. Grip tape can also be painted with paint pens. Use 300-grit sandpaper to make the surface of the skateboard even smoother. If the board has deep scratches, use 400-grit sandpaper to smooth out the deep scratches. After all, clear all the sawdust with a rough cloth.

Always put on safety gear such as eyeglasses, a face mask, and a head protection cap. The protective tools may save your throat, eyes and head from sawdust.

Pro tip: Hand painted skateboards might have a little bit of inefficiency. However, Spray paint is more likely not to leave any edge unpainted. So give priority to spray paint.

Hand Painted Skateboards

Step 4:

 Use your aerosol primer. Always give preference to the spray or compressor gun instead of the brush. Spray in the same following direction for exhilarating outcomes. But before using aerosol primer, look for deep scratches and fill them with paste. After you have applied the paste, let the paste be dried and then again check for sading for smoothness.

Step 5:

Draw a design beforehand. You might know about your skateboard’s design, colors and stencils. Decide beforehand how many colors and stencils you have to apply. Attach your stencil or tape design. The places you cover with your stencil/tape will remain the color of your primer. The remaining area in your stencil/tape will be painted the color of your next layer. Don’t add a new layer unless the previous one gets dried to complete your design.

Step 6:

Always follow the same direction for spraying aerosol. Shake spray over and over again for more superb aftermaths. Lightly spray the base color. This will create a high-end background upon which you stick different layers of stencils. This high contrast will assist the other colors in bringing a vibrant and ambient look. In the first pass, you have only to cover the background a little bit. Apply a thicker layer of paint in the second coat.  In the final round, apply 2-3 coats for a gorgeous representation. 

Step 7:

Pluck off the stencil sticker to unmask your graphic design but do it when the paint gets 90 percent dry. After peeling, don’t get ready for cruising at once, but hang it at room temperature to get thoroughly dry. After this process, re-install the bolts and trucks using skateboard tools.

Final words About How to Paint a Skateboard Deck

                  Painting a skateboard is an exciting art to learn about, as you can hue your skateboard into any intended design. Make sure to replace your skateboard with the new design. Only follow the above discussed to paint your skateboard deck in a fun way. Painting the skateboard in a new style and installing fascinating stencils on the deck will bring great fun. I hope the enunciated step is simple to follow and will assist you in giving a captivating look to your skateboard.



Yes, you can do this, but it can minimize the grip’s strength.  If you paint grip, professionals prescribe using high-quality spray paints or paint pens to write on the skateboard grip tape.


Absolutely yes, you can use Acrylic paint on your skateboard. After applying primers, Acrylic paint can be applied in the customization process. 

Should we use paintbrushes or spray for the diy deck painting?

Professional painters suggest spray or compressor guns to spray for extraordinary outcomes. Brushes could also be used, but for more luminous always prefer to spray.

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