Is Skateboarding Good Exercise to Workout as Cardio

is skateboarding good exercise

Is skateboarding good exercise? This is a common thought among people. My knowledge of skating has also been questioned by many of my students. In this essay, I’ll discuss how skateboarding enhances overall fitness and wellness. What are skate benefits, and why is it among the best workouts in my opinion? Skateboard for exercise is not a bad option.

It is a great workout, no doubt. Because physical activity is essential for preserving health and improving fitness, but it all depends on how hard you skate. Whatever the case may be, this is an action sport that uses every muscle and joint in your body. Read the entire post carefully to learn all the details and advantages; you’ll find it to be quite fascinating.

Recently, skateboarding has grown in popularity, especially among young people.Skateboarding actually got its start in the United States in the 1940s. Today, however, it goes beyond rollers and wooden boards. On a global level, it is currently gaining popularity. You’ve probably noticed how athletic skaters’ bodies are. Should we begin skating now that we have seen these things?

Advantages of Skateboarding

Skateboarding has numerous advantages both physically and psychologically.  I’ve put seven of them in front of you, including

Increased Coordination and Balance

Skateboarding is a great way to increase your body’s coordination and balance. The pelvic stabilisers, paraspinal muscles, abdominal muscles, etc., are the principal body muscles needed to maintain bodily equilibrium.

Improved Physical Fitness

 Skateboarding is a thorough outdoor workout that incorporates four elements of physical fitness: muscular/cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and taking body composition into account. Additionally, calories are burned while having fun.

Improved Physical Fitness

Stress Reduction

skateboard health benefits is that skateboarding gives you a feeling of freedom and release, which improves your wellbeing and mental health.

Increased Creativity

Skateboarders have a constant urge to try new things. As a result, kids continue to engage in creative activities like freestyle.

increased confidence and self-esteemYou face your talent and problems when you reach the advanced level in this, which strengthens your ability to maintain confidence.

improved social abilities In skateboarding culture, values like innovation, participation, and freedom are highly valued. Building ties with individuals and enjoying games helps to improve social skills.


The wonderful thing about this is that for an average cost of $30 to $400, you can easily get it and have it customised to your needs.

Anyone, from a 5-year-old to a 60-year-old, can engage in skateboarding workouts. This workout is incredibly interesting and fun because it enhances fitness and health while also providing a great deal of enjoyment.

What Muscles are Used in Skateboarding?

In the United States of America, skateboarding has become extremely popular. Additionally, it can work wonders for your body’s flexibility and tone while also improving your cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Human dynamics show that it generates a variety of movements in the body. The result is that both the large and small muscles are covered. There are also numerous exercises that address balance, pelvic stability, the core, the upper body, and the lower body.

Skateboarding sports primarily include lower body action. This accounts for more than 60% of the body’s total muscular area. Additionally, the greatest muscles in the body, including the quadriceps, gluteus maximus, and gluteus minimus, are located in the lower body.

Skateboarders need all these lower body muscles to jump, run, and balance. Many different turns, tricks, and stunts are carried out using the upper body as a base. The rectus/transversus abdominis, external/internal obliques, multifidus, erector spinae, and spinalis are the muscles that provide the most support.

Muscles in the upper and lower bodies cooperate to continually push and propel the skateboard. As a result, the basal metabolic rate rises and more calories are burned.

Skateboarding is an outdoor activity that keeps you from getting bored while toning your entire body. And you can master even the trickiest skateboard manoeuvres if you have fun and enjoy yourself.

Is Skateboarding a Good Workout? 

Skateboarding is a sort of physical exercise that, to some extent, enhances your general health. Your physical activity levels increase as a result of this activity, which also helps you control your weight, reduces your risk of developing chronic diseases, and enhances your ability to carry out daily tasks.

According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, physical activity has a positive impact on one’s health and extends one’s life expectancy.

In 2013, which was 10 years ago, The New York Times published an article about skating exercises. which polled New Yorkers to find out how skateboarding affected their physical fitness and health (you can read the complete article below under References).

Facts about Skateboarding:

  • The popularity of skateboarding sports has exploded in recent years, and millions of people have taken up the hobby. 
  • The first skateboards went on sale in 1959 under the name Roller Derby Skateboards.
  • In the 1940s, skateboarding first appeared in California. Surfing has been perfected for land.
  • Tony Hawk, one of the G.O.A.T. boarders, is the first contestant after successfully completing 900 two-and-a-half-laps both in the air and on the ground.
  • Skateboarding was once prohibited in almost all American cities for a period of about ten years, from 1960 to 1970.
  • The first skatepark, called Surf City Saktepark, debuted on 1965 in Tucson, Arizona.

Reason’s why skateboarding is good exercise

The reason why skateboarding is good exercise includes:

Strengthening the muscles of the hand

Skateboarding can be a great solution for those struggling with arm weight and wanting to build strength. Stand on the board and move the board with your hands. However, if you are a beginner, you should focus on using your legs first.

Building Core Muscles

Every skater knows that skating is an energetic sport. Riders must use their entire body for balance and propulsion. This activity strengthens many muscle groups, including the hips, spine, quadriceps, gluteus maximus, hamstrings, calves, and more. Increased flexibility

Exercising for a while makes your body more flexible. A variety of tricks and stunts, such as tricks and 360-degree turns, help you bend and stretch your body and keep your joints flexible. practice with a skateboard

Building core muscles

Heart-Healthy Exercise

You can increase your cardiovascular endurance by skating. The body must exert a lot of effort when performing tricks on a ramp in order to increase and sustain speed.

Many stunts also involve crouching, rising to a standing position from crouching, and jumping. Your cardiovascular system is accelerated by all of these activities.

Exercises The Legs

Skateboarding heavily utilises the lower legs and hamstrings. Your hamstrings are in charge of flexing your knee, which allows your body to crouch. Good skating requires a low centre of gravity, which this position helps to achieve.

Ice Skating Improves Flexibility

Well-stretched muscles also contribute to long-term overall well-being due to better blood flow.

The tighter and less flexible your muscles are, the harder it is to skate and the more likely you are to fall. Through trial and error, the brain and body learn how to react to the board to avoid accidents, and the body inevitably becomes more flexible.

However, most skaters warm up with dynamic stretching before they hit the board. This exercise gives flexibility to cold, stiff muscles and prepares them for movement.

is skateboarding good exercise

How Many Calories does Skateboarding Burn?

According to Harvard Health Publishing, 30 minutes of skateboarding can burn up to 150 calories for a 125-pound person, 180 calories for a 155-pound person, and 210 calories for a 185-pound person. 

Riding an electric skateboard can also help you lose weight. However, skaters lose between 50 and 100 calories per hour because their muscles don’t work as hard as standard skaters. If weight loss is your main goal when you start skateboarding, keep your diet in mind. If you eat a lot of fast food, your skating efforts will be meaningless.

 Is skateboarding good exercise? The answer is yes. Skateboarding is less efficient at burning calories than cycling or running, but it’s a fun alternative to exercise without getting bored or demotivated. The number of calories burned depends on the intensity and frequency of skating, weight and metabolism. For example, simply pushing the board burns fewer calories than doing complex tricks or going up and down small ramps. Is skateboarding good exercise?


Skateboarding is a great workout and sport. It also has many benefits for the body. Skateboarding can help you strengthen your muscles and improve your mental and physical health. When it comes to fitness, the only problem is muscle growth and strength. 

Otherwise, it’s great to be able to do anything outside. The people in this community are also very helpful and polite. If you’ve been thinking about skateboarding, don’t delay today. Hope this article helps you in getting your answer about is skateboarding good exercise.


Is Skateboarding Cardio of High Intensity?

Depending on the intensity of your workout, you will burn between 200 and 500 calories per hour. HIIT is a holistic workout, so skateboarding is a great HIIT activity.

Can You Lose Weight Skateboarding?

Skateboarding for 60 minutes can improve your weight, metabolism and more. It helps you lose 300-500 calories. Skateboarding has other benefits that promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Is Skating Better Than Walking?

Skateboarding has advantages over walking as well. Skateboards allow one to travel farther and faster between points A and B. Additionally, they use less energy and require less physical effort to travel farther. Skateboards can also be ridden on flat ground and, with enough practise, even on downhill slopes.
Conversely, skateboarding differs from walking in some negative ways. For inexperienced riders or those who are not familiar with their board’s design elements, it requires more skill and practise, which can be dangerous. Additionally, using a board in public is less socially acceptable than walking since passersby might not feel comfortable sharing the pavement with people riding boards at high speeds. 

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