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How To Clean Skateboard Bearings

Knowing how to clean your skateboard bearings and wheels is essential to keep skating.Regular skateboard maintenance is necessary whether you are an experienced skater or a novice at the skate park so that you may have fun without risk. 

Your wheels and bearings will unavoidably take up foreign objects and trash as you skate over various surfaces, and over time, this can harm the ball bearings. In this article e will provide you a detail information about how to clean skateboard bearings.

Steps of Cleaning Bearings

There are various ways that are useful for cleaning skateboard bearings. Some of them are given below:

1. Blow the Seal

Rubber seals (shown) and metal shields are the two most common types of seals found in skateboard bearings. The gasket can be removed from the other side using a short pin or straight stapler. A pin is inserted between the ball cage and the outer bearing to push the seal in. Aim for the center of the seal as it is made of metal and cannot be pierced.

If you have metal shields, a circlip around the outside edge holds them in place. It will be simple to remove the circlip if you insert your pin under one of its edges. The metal shield then abruptly emerges. For illustrations on how to remove the clips, visit this website.

2. Clean and Soak

Place the bearings (balls down) in the bowl after it has been filled with 1/2″ of acetone, then leave them in the solution for a minute.

Until they feel grit-free, alternately tap them on the bowl’s bottom and spin the bearings in your fingers. When a bearing has been thoroughly cleaned, spin it dry before setting it (balls down) on a fresh piece of paper towel to dry.

Replicate for the remaining 7 bearings. Seals should be cleaned in acetone while the bearings are finished drying. Avoid bending the inner metal ring by being gentle.

3. Save and Filter Your Acetone

You can save the acetone and remove the large grit from it if you’re cheap (or thrifty).

It won’t be ideal if your coffee filters are anything like mine. However, it will be sufficient to use a few more times, or you can experiment with different filters. Wherever you keep your lethal chemicals, keep your used acetone in an airtight container that is clearly marked (a skull and crossbones is good).

4. Lubrication and Re-sealing

Add oil to the small space between the balls. Most people use enough to fill three bags. Somewhat (a little) OK. You don’t want the ball to roll, but you do want all the balls to be greased. Bike oil is good. marine oil works. Silicone or lithium grease? Undoubtedly. Molybdenum oil? It’s overkill, but you can use it if you have it lying around. Spread the oil with your finger and roll the bearing back and forth until all the balls are sufficiently coated.

Replace the gasket carefully. Instead of “do it”. Then, since the grease is completely removed, tap the outside of the rubber seal with an oily finger to keep it moist. Also oil the metal surface to prevent rust.

lubrication and re-sealing

You’re finished

Congratulations. Your skateboard bearings have just been cleaned and re-greased.

Grease is advantageous since it requires less maintenance than oil. However, it probably spins a little more slowly. However, a clean and lubricated bearing spins considerably better than one that is dirty, thus it is beneficial over the long run.

Keep in mind that once the rain finally stops and all of the damn salt has been removed from the roadways, you may go back to oil.

When should you perform this? It depends on how much you cycle and how frequently you ride in poor weather. Try once a month at first, or more frequently if you spend a lot of time in the damp.

You can use ghee instead of ghee at this stage. Good lubes are Bones Speed ​​​​Cream, Tri-flow and other similar lubes. You can also done it without lube. Engine oil also works. Bad oils are WD-40 and 3-in-1 (too light). If using oil, 2 drops is usually enough. Loosen the bolts and reassemble to extend the bearings.

Things You Need to Clean Bearing

You need certain things to clean bearings. Listed below are things you must have.

  • A table, the floor, or a desk that is flat
  • A wrench or skate tool
  • Paper Towels Razor Blades or Knives
  • Ceramic or disposable cups
  • Isopropyl-based alcohol, such as rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover
  • Your speed cream and/or skateboard lubricant (optional)
  • a cleaning towel for the area (optional)
  • Optional separate bearings container

How to Clean Skateboard Bearings with Household Items

How can I clean the base of my skateboard at home? One of a skateboard’s most crucial components, bearings are prone to filth and damage if they aren’t properly maintained. Fortunately, cleaning skateboard bearings is a simple process that can be completed at home with a minimal amount of equipment.

cleaning tools

How do I clean my skateboard base at home?One of a skateboard’s most crucial components, bearings are prone to filth and damage if they aren’t properly maintained. Fortunately, cleaning skateboard bearings is a simple process that can be completed at home with a minimal amount of equipment.

To clean skateboard bearings you will need:

  •  A bowl or container filled with warm water
  •  mild soap or detergent
  •  A toothbrush or other small brush
  • Clean and dry cloth
  •  Lubricant for bearings (optional)
cleaning tools

Skateboard wheels’ bearings should first be removed. To accomplish this, take the bearings and axle covers off of each wheel. The bearing should then be placed in a bowl or other container of warm water, where it should sit for a few minutes. 

Add a few drops of mild soap or dish detergent to the water after wetting the bearing, then gently stir it with your fingers to make a lather. After that, remove the dirt, dust, and debris from the bearings using a toothbrush or another small brush. Rinse the bearings completely with clear water after cleaning them to get rid of any soap residue. Finally, use a fresh, dry cloth to completely dry the bearing. 

A little cleaning and regular maintenance will keep your skateboard bearings in good condition for years to come!

Additional Tips for Bearing Maintenance

There are some maintenance tips you should follow to extend the life of your skateboard bearings.

Don’t Skateboard in the Rain

If you ride your skateboard in the rain or in a wet environment, the bearings will get wet. Moisture will eventually corrode the bearings. It also wears down the lubrication, increasing friction and causing faster bearing wear.

Don't skateboard in the rain

 Avoid Dust and Sand

If possible, avoid skateboarding in dusty and sandy areas. Dirt and sand enter the bearing and cause stress on the inner ring. If you have to skateboard in dusty and sandy conditions, you will need to clean your bearings more often.


The best way to clean your skateboard bearings is to make bearing cleaning a part of your daily routine. This will prevent rust, dirt and grime from covering the bearings. Cleaning skateboard bearings is usually cheaper than replacing them every few months.You can also clean bearings without removing them but it’s better to remove them before cleaning.

 But there will come a time when the skate bearings will need to be replaced instead of cleaned. This will prevent the bearings from locking up and can lead to nasty skateboarding accidents. Hope so this article is helpful for you in getting information about how to clean skateboard bearings.


Is it possible cleaning skateboard bearing with a lemon?

lemon juice is good! Immerse the bearing in the liquid of your choice, place the bearing in a jam jar, agitate the vegetables for about 2 minutes, then rinse in clean solvent.

how to clean skateboard bearings with metal shields?

Using Clean Touch Bearing Cleaner or standard degreaser, fill a small glass beaker or flask with enough water to completely submerge the bearings. Place the sealed bearing or the sealed bearing with the shield removed in the solution. You can also use a small ultrasonic cleaner if you have one.

Does skateboard bearings ruin by water?

If the skateboard gets wet, the bearings are not lubricated and the screws can rust. If the lubrication fails, the skateboard will slow down and the bearings will start to loosen from the inside. Skateboards don’t move as fast or as smoothly as you’re used to.

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