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Skateboarding is a charismatic and eye-appealing game that brings us fun and excitement. Skateboarding puts us on cloud nine, and it has prolific impacts on our minds.  If you are a skateboarder and want to update your bearing spacers or bearing, then you are in the right place. Customizations of the skateboard are as important as other sports tools. Customizing your skateboard boosts your stunts and proficiency in addition to your health, interest, and confidence.

Bearing spacers are downright adequate for professional-level cruising and skateboarding. These little cylinder-like metal keeps bearings parallel to your wheels and thwarts excess side load pressures, fighting over-tightening and stretching the stamina span of your bearings. Moreover, it will enhance your skateboarding credibility and function, eventually brightening your overall performance. 

Skateboard bearing spacer sizes:

Unlike skate bearings, bearing spacers are different for every wheel bearing. Axle diameter and the overall width of the bearing are two things that assist us in measuring bearing size. The bearing size of 8mm x 10mm is a dime a dozen. The first value (8mm) refers to the axle diameter instead of 10mm, representing the overall width. 


Plastic VS metal scaper:

Nowadays, plastic scrapers can also have seen installed in cost-effective skateboards. However, they need to be more competent, according to skateboard teachers. Suppose your skateboard garners such sorts of scapers, dont count on them as they can chip and smash at any unpredictable brink of ongoing practice. Update the unreliable plastic scraper with certain trustworthy metal scrapers. The metal scraper might be more expensive than the plastic scraper, but “expensive is dirt cheap.”

Inspect your axle diameter to install the suitable spacer:

If you have to change or update your bearing spacer, check whether your axle number is 6,7 or 8mm. The spacer of 6 and 7mm will be encased into the bearing. The axles of 8mm will be placed in between the two bearings.  Sometimes the outer side of the spacer might be screwed; therefore, the axle will be replaced by the screws. You have to add a washer in case of unavailability for bearing insertions. This dilemma is downright common for Hypno skates.


Aftermaths of the inept scraper:

Bearing and wheels often bond through an adjustment between the hub and outer races. The tightening of the axle is a prerequisite for the inner race of bearing in every sort of skate and wheel.

  • Suppose the spacer is oversized, there will be a play that will result in the loosening of the wheel.
  • If the spacer is under-sized, it will cause crushing in the inner racer that will originate obstacles in the way of bearing.

Do You Know???

Steel bearing is suitable for beginners and average users; however, professionals or amateurs should go for ceramic bearings.

Skateboard bearings manual:

Skateboard bearings are donut-shaped metal installed under the wheel to move on the wheel faster, eradicating friction. Each wheel uses two bearings adjusted by a spacer. You can comprehend more through the down below showcased skateboard bearing diagram.

Skateboard bearing size and dimension

The Skateboard wheel varies in size and design, but all the skateboard bearing dimension is identical – 8mm (inner diameter), and size 22mm (outer diameter), and 7mm (width).  The ABEC rating system measures bearings. This system measures the accuracy and precision of skate wheels.

‘’Cheap is more expensive’’ you may have heard the quote, but always try to give it a cold should. Your skateboard performance counts in your pocket. The more you will add the sugar, the more you will gain.


Types of Skateboard bearings (Steel VS Ceramic):

Skateboard bearings are available in two distinctive species – Steel VS Ceramic. Both have their quality, price and rating. 

Steel bearings

The steel bearings are made of steel. Bronson G2, Bones Reds, Bones Swiss, etc., are all steel breeds. The steel bearings heat up in a while, reducing friction and resulting in higher speed. However, they get rusty in a snap, but this is not fair to count as its cons as every wheel, and bearing contains somewhat steel. To be frank, you can get this set of bearing for less than 30 bucks. No monkey business, these wheels are adequate for the average skateboarder; however, professionals can look for other options.


Ceramic bearing provides more accuracy and precision. They last more than quality bearings. The ceramic bearing in the wheel only hands over higher speed than the quality bearings. The Ceramic bearing has a 0.5 mph speed difference, but this dichotomy doesn’t mean much as we have r faster spinning and enduring life span than their steel counterparts. Similar to ball bearings, ceramic bearings are also sheathed with somewhat steel, but this steel contains higher quality and precision. The only difference lies in the ceramic bearing because it encases ceramic balls.



Appropriate customization is as essential as sustenance in every field. Likewise, skateboarding with adequate customization will levitate you in Joyland. Skateboarding is an engaging and heart-tickling activity with proper tactics and equipment; simultaneously, it is as fatal as a venomous snake.  Hope you had more excellent knowledge of the customization of your skateboard in a fun way. Now choosing an exemplary skateboard scraper and bearing won’t be a strenuous and bland activity for you. Always furnish your skateboard with suitable bearings and scraper. Any pea-sized difference can cause draconic outcomes.


Are bearing spacers necessary?

Absolutely yes, the spacer mitigates the distribution of weight that is put on bearings. This little cylinder-like metal keeps bearings parallel in addition to prolonging the lifespan of bearings.

What bearings for skateboards are preferable?

Ceramic bearings are more optimal for longing desires as they provide more accuracy and precision than steel bearings. Although there lies a 0.5mph speed difference between steel and ceramic bearings, ceramic bearings are a life-long investment as they utilize ceramic balls.

Are all bearings have same sizes?

Yes! All bearing contains the same dimension and sizes. They all contain an 8mm inner diameter, 22mm outer diameter and 7mm width. The bearing design may vary, but there will be no size difference.

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