Skater XL vs Skate 3 Which is Better Game

Skater XL vs Skate 3

Our passion for skateboards extends beyond the confines of genuine skate parks and city streets. In this article we will give you enough information about Skater XL vs Skate 3.

Skater XL and Skate 3 are two examples of these well liked games. Both must be tried. But how do skater XL and Skate 3 vary from one another?  Which of these two can provide us with the greatest level of fulfilment while we learn skateboarding? Before going deep into the topic, we recommend you to give Ripstik skateboard one of the modern and stylish skateboards a try.

Skate 3

A skateboarding video game called skate 3 was created by EA Black Box and released by Electronic Arts in 2009. It is the third game in the skate series and the sequel to skate 2, which was released in 2009.

It’s similar to a school where you may learn everything from simple moves to complex ones. This video game transports you to an unexpected skate 3 realistic park, in contrast to the previous games real world skating locations.

The game offers a training component that enables users to become experts at particular game mechanics forgamers who want to play and level up on their own.

The good news is that these virtual skateboarding locations offer every barrier you could possibly imagine. You can also buy online skate 3 multiplayer. how much is skate 3?, if you want to purchase Skate 3 Xbox 360 it’s price on Amazon is $6.99.

Skater XL vs Skate 3

Brands in Skate 3

  • Battles in Skate 3 and Brotherhood. by the band 3 Inches of Blood.
  • Bloodstains. carried out by Agent Orange.
  • Summertime garb. Animal Collective performed the song.
  • Majors, Lee Come back. Beastie Boys perform the song.
  • Please come to me. Benjy Ferree performs the song.


  • Enables multiplayer internet gaming.
  • There are numerous competition alternatives.


  • Certain controls cause irrational, physics-defyiing movements.
  • Lacks online multiplayer features.

Skate XL

The game of skateboarding has evolved with Skate XL.All players in this skateboarding video game learn how to perform tricks by combining various controllers. You simply wait for your character to perform a kickflip without pressing a single button. This meansthat the player initiates the movements from the skating position all the way down to the landing.

Skateboarders have the expressive controls they’ve always wanted thanks to the independent foot control system and distinctive physic based gameplay.


  • Control focus on creativity.
  • Skating images that are realistic and fluid.
  • Adaptable degree of difficulty.


  • Very boring skating areas.
  • A small degree of character customization.
Skater XL vs Skate 3

Difference between Skater XL vs Skate 3

There are various differences between Skater XL vs Skate 3. Some of them are given below: 


In terms of pushing, Skater XL is more realistically executed than Skate 3. Your character is prevented from making unnecessary skateboard movements.

In the EA skate video game, the character may appear to be pushing the board one and a half times. Although it may be removed from the game, it’s not the most aesthetically pleasant element you will see.

A free turn

In XL, your character can end up tumbling off the board, but that’s the joy of the game mastering every talent hidden there. Generally, Skater XL is superior because it allows you to combine tricks, but you still need to mix all the relevant techniques properly.

You’ll be able to perform forward flips in both games. These moves on Skate 4 may not be the best, though.

Players have the option to select their skating style at the beginning of each skate 3 controls game. But, as the game goes on, you’ll discover that your character always flips the same awy with little to no control modification. You might not always desire anything like this.

Depending on the existing skateboard tricks, catching and landings may differ. And this is the final element of skater XL’s edge.

Grinds and slides

Skate 3  has a difficult time smoothly transitioning from a slide to another move you must remove the board from the challenge and then perform the skill as though it were a separate trick.

Skate 3’s version of sliding might appear a little less realistic. Because every slide nose, tail, or otherwise requires a fixed 90° turn on the rail, regardless of what it is.

Skate 3 still has the same intensity while switching to grinds, the middle of a skateboard truck is fixed to the ledge. You can obtain the ideal grind control and pinch on Skate XL.

Skater XL vs Skate 3

Ollies on one foot

In Skate 3, both the north and south ollies are identical. But, I believe that this trick puts skater XL slightly in the rearview mirror. These ollies execution lacks originality, yet their animation surpasses that of the XL.


The step to a perfect wind up on a skateboard in skater KL are to ride straight, crouch down , pivot a little and spin.


Video games offer a different way to experience skateboard tricks without running the risk of an accident. Yet it’s important to choose carefully, especially for games that vary in a number of ways.Skate 3 decks with wonderful graphics are also available online.

After all, each software offers its own advantages. Which of these will work best for us is up to us.If you like our information about Skater XL vs Skate 3 share it with your friends.


Do Skater XL Controls Work with Skate 3?

Skater XL uses similar controls as Skate 3. No, not always. Skater XL VS Session and Session VS Skate 3 was discussed on Reddit. We’ll give a quick overview of each of these games.
Session plays the game in a more difficult manner. Skater XL, on the other hand, is a little less harsh. Skater XL is the game that is most similar to Skate 3 in terms of intensity, but not in terms of controls, based on what we already know about Skate 3.

Should I Purchase Skater XL?

Skater XL is a game with many nice intentions, but in addition to having no content at all, it also lacks the community that was meant to create additional levels and other assets for the benefit of other players. Regrettably, I don’t see any reason for anyone to try out this game now.

How to do Flips in Skate 3?

You have to follow cool tricks to do in skate 3 given below:
To move your character ahead, use the left directional stick.
Keep your left Xbox 360 controller trigger button depressed.
Reverse the direction of the left directional stick. Your character will perform a backflip because you’re holding the left trigger button on the controller.

Is Skate 3 Free to Play?

The game will be free to play with cross platform and cross-progression support when it eventually releases. Skate., as creative director Cuz Parry put it, is not a recreation or remastered version of Skate, 1, 2, or 3. Instead, it’s an entirely different game built to withstand the evolution of time.

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