Bamboo Vs Maple Skateboard | Which One is Better

Bamboo Vs Maple Skateboard

Bamboo vs Maple skateboard? The decision of which to choose is never easy. Don’t worry; I’ll help you choose which one is the best to take you for a ride by sharing my knowledge and experience with you right now. To ensure that you have a thorough grasp, the skateboard differences are shown through comprehensive testing. I will compare and contrast all the positives and negatives of each competitors.

Before going any further, I want to emphasise that you should carefully study this post in order to choose the one that best suits your wants and needs. It all depends on your requirements; for example, if you want to do both basic and advanced tricks on your board, you will need a longboard.

Bamboo Skateboard

A producer of skateboards manufactured from bamboo from managed forests, Bamboo skateboards history is that it is based in Fallbrook, California. It was established in 2008 by a group of business people, and Mark Gregson and Hal Miller are the owner.

In 2012, the brands name was changed from “BambooSK8” to “Bamboo Skateboards.” They received the “ Best New Skateboards of 2012” title during that year from “Skateboarding magazine.”

Bamboo Vs Maple Skateboard

Bamboo Skateboard decks, longboard completes, wheels, as well as eco friendly softgoods and clothing, are all sold by Bamboo skateboards. Drop through, Pintails, double kicks, square tails, and tiny cruisers are some of its longboard models.


  • Light weight
  • Maximum Adaptability


  • Less Durable
  • Lower weight limit

Maple Skateboard

It is essentially a flat board made of wood, usually maple, with “Kicks” or “tails” at each end of a little upward curvature. Motoried skateboards. These skateboards can move without being pushed because they have a motor and a battery. They are made for riding on flat terrain, cruising and commuting.

There is a belief that a maple log’s responsiveness as a skateboard increases with the number of rings it possesses.For a variety of skaters, beginners as well as experts maple skateboards are best choice.


  • Long lasting
  • Excellent weight capacity


  • High cost
  • Not eco friendly

Differences Between Bamboo vs Maple Skateboard

There are a lot of factors in which bamboo and maple skateboards are different. But the main comparison is given below in detail:


More flexible and simpler to push and cruise with than bamboo. Maple, on the other hand, is more rigid and excellent for sliding.

The more stiff maple. As a result, it is stronger than the opposition. Although the wood can’t provide much flexibility, it can still be useful in some circumstances.

These skateboards are made of solid, long lasting wood. They can withstand significant hits. They can still be powerful even if you use them frequently.

Bamboo Vs Maple Skateboard

Skateboards made og bamboo are renowned for being lightweight. As a result, skaters who practice feats tend to use them more frequently. These boards not only tighten the load on the user but also absorbs shocks fromlanding, tricks better than other decks material.

Skateboards with maple decks are better suited for rough use, nevertheless. Hard landings, impact from dodging obstacles and other comparable actions are examples of such illustration. 


Perhaps the weight capacity of the board should also be considered when purchasing one . THis issue doesn’t affect skaters who are of average build as much. But we ought to take this area into account for heavy riders.

It is not random combine bamboo with other composite materials. Bamboo can be a little flimsy. Therefore using only this material in the design of a skateboard could reduce its ability to carry weight.

Maple wood is stronger enough to support skaters weighing pto 330 Ibs. A maple skateboard brand  would be a good place to start, Bamboo typically has a 200 pound weight limit.


Decks made of this material are perfect for activities that call for quick speeds with little propulsion exertion because of their extremely low weight.

The interior of the plant is mostly vacant or airy. Since bamboo contains less than its rival, it is slightly lighter. 

If the skater’s top priority is a board that is easier on the legs and feet, bamboo skateboards triumph in this category. Solid skateboards made of maple. Bamboo decks, in comparison, are light and airy.

 it will require a lot of physical strength to activate its skateboard. It is stronger to use maple wood.


Maple Skateboards are able to create sturdy, durable, and wear-resistant hardwood parts.

Not only is maple wood strong, but it is also durable. Over time, the wood expands and lengthens.

These skateboards require just minimum maintenance from riders and take years to disintegrate. Skateboarders are durable and continue to be of high calibre. If you anticipate frequent and extensive use, they are the ideal choice. 

The demand for this wood for skateboards has remained strong for years. Maple is a hard substance, so it’s trustworthy enough to last a long time.

trong by nature, maple also needs little upkeep. 

Also strong is bamboo. However, the maple’s outstanding durability prevents it from winning this battle.

Bamboo Vs Maple Skateboard


Bamboo is very flexible. Bamboo is both less woody and thinner manufacturers discover that it is simpler to bend and mould into the correct shapes. This characteristics is appreciated by skateboards as well because it makes turning the board simple.

The deck are also good for navigating difficult terrain because their versatility sharp turns can be made easily by skaters as well.

Maple woods are very rigid. It is more suitable for straight terrains as compared to the rocky terrains.


Skateboard deck prices range from affordable to pricey. Now let’s look at some maple and bamboo skateboard’s prices:

Bamboo pintail sunset peak 44’’ $187.92
Cosmic cloud graphic bamboo skate board$52.83
Forest Graphic Bamboo Skateboard$ 59.00

The price of maple skateboards are given below:

Maple Skateboard professional $11- $12
Custom wooden Canadian Maple Surf Skate carver skateboard$35- $60
Dark wolf canadian Maple$19- $39

Why and When to Choose a Bamboo Skateboard

Bamboo sktaeboards have been gaining popularity among skateboarding fans quickly. This is because bamboo decks are incredibly flexible and nearly indestructible. Skateboards made of bamboo are still not very well recognized or used.

Bamboo skateboards are stronger and lighter than maple skateboards. When a result, when you practice stunts and develop your skills, you have more “POP”.

 Nothing functions better than bamboo. Bamboo is more effective at absorbing impacts than maple. Bamboo boards are more naturally shock absorbing than maple boards and will perform at their peak for significantly longer period of time.

Bamboo skateboards are a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional boards. Compared to trees, bamboo is far more flexible, develops faster, and requires a lot les water. For each bamboo skateboard manufactured, one maple tree is maintained.

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When Should I Choose a Maple Deck and Why

Canadian Maple is reputed to be one of the most widely used timbers for skateboards. The boards are made of maple wood, which is extremely durable and sturdy but also sufficiently flexible to absorb the impact of hard landings, on-ramps, and other obstacles.

 Maple is the ideal material for a skateboard since it is tough and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Both experts who want to use their boards frequently and beginners who want to improve their skating skills might benefit from using maple boards.

 Professional skaters are increasingly deciding that maple skateboards are the best brand available. Maple decks are best for highly experienced riders who want to do stunts and flips.The material of maple wood is quite strong and does not break, split or splinter easily.

The lightweight maple build is a wise choice for anyone searching for a quick board that can still endure some abuse. Due to the fact that maple boards frequently come in a variety of patterns and colours, riders frequently have a large range to choose from, Maple is a kind of wood that is usually used in skateboards. Since it performs the best.  bamboo vs maple skateboard are same for beginners. They both function same for beginners.


Skateboard diversity is not at all terrible. Skaters are pushed to understand and master the variations in park, styles, and materials.The graphic comparison of these two are also discussed here in detail.

We now have a better understanding of the technical characteristics of both materials after comparing skateboards made of bamboo and maple.bamboo vs maple skateboard for beginners are best choice.  Although the other is more dependable and durable, the former may be flexible. Hope this article helps you in getting enough information about bamboo vs Maple skateboard.


Which is more Harder Skateboards Birch or Maple?

Maple flooring have a 1450 Janka hardness rating, which is higher than birch’s 1260 grade. Therefore, maple floorboards are better suited for high traffic areas because they can withstand scratches and dents more readily birch may, however be used to create highly robust floors.

Are Maple Wood Skateboards Good?

Some of the best and most coveted skateboards in the world are made in canada using maple wood. Pne of the greatest woods for skateboards is thought to be canadian maple. Although the maple wood used to make the boards is typically very strong and long lasting, they can also be sufficiently flexible to with stand the force of hard landings on ramps and other obstacles.

Which is Better for a Longboard Deck, Bamboo or Maple?

Compared to maple wood, bamboo has considerably loner and stronger fibre. Building a more durable deck that is difficult to break helps. Additionally, it can endure both wet and dry conditions. More water can be held or resisted by the bamboo fibre.

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