Goofy vs Regular Which is Better Goofy or Regular Skate Stance

Goofy vs Regular

Goofy vs regular Stance? If you need clarification about the choice of your Stance, and not sure which one suits your skating style, then we are here to help you out. Some people believe that your dominant foot or hand determines your Stance, but this isn’t always true. Instead, it depends on how stable your ride feels and what “Clicks” you might be doing it incorrectly, and you can’t force an opinion. Your body and brain decide whether you want regular or goofy.

Choosing your Stance is the first step in learning to ride any board. There are a few techniques to distinguish between goofy and regular, even if there is no one right approach to choose which foot should be in front.

Your board stance is how you typically stand on the deck when participating in a board-related activity or sport. Several people find it simple to comprehend these boar stances immediately. Some people find it challenging, which is especially natural if you’re just starting.

Difference Between Goofy vs Regular

Regular and goofy skateboard stances are the two main categories. The main difference between goofy vs regular skateboard stances is that several left-handed riders are out there, but most people normally ride with their right foot ahead. 

No matter which Stance you choose, finding a riding position that feels good is crucial. Just adopt your favorite Stance; both goofy riders and regular riders will find a comfortable position. 

No matter which method you choose to ride, skateboarding is a sport that everybody can enjoy. The main difference between goofy and regular Stance is discussed below in detail.

Goofy vs Regular

Regular Stance

Most people use the typical board stance. A normal stance is achieved by leading with your left leg, pointing it towards your board’s nose, and your right leg, pointing towards the tail.

Most riders use the standard foot position, which is left in front and right in the rear. This applies to numerous board-related sports, including surfing, wakeboarding, kitesurfing, etc. Right-handed and left-handed board riders both adopt a standard stance.

It doesn’t improve it because more people ride regularly than goofy on a skateboard. There is no difference at all in how you move or how quickly you move.

As you’re riding, your toes should be pointed to the right, and you should be facing your side. Your left foot is on the truck bolts near the board’s top, and your right foot is on the board’s tail.

Goofy Stance

The Disney cartoon with the Goofy figure surfing is where the name goofy first appeared. The internet will at least tell you that. What is a goofy stance in skateboarding? , this question has a simple answer.

Putting your right foot forward and your left foot back is described as a goofy skate stance. Some people have no problem traveling in both directions, which earns them a lot of respect from their peers. Several skateboard professionals still employ the goofy stance skateboard even though it is less common than the standard posture.

Goofy takes the exact opposite position from this usual one. If you skate like a dork, you’ll face left and hang your toes over the side of the board on the left. Your right foot will be on the truck bolts closest to the board’s top, and your left will be on the board’s tail.

Goofy vs Regular Which One is More Common

After discussing the main difference between the goofy and regular now let’s talk about which one is more common. Let’s assume you’re referring to having a right or left-handed grip. If so, that explains why there are more regular riders than eccentric ones. Right-handed people are more likely to ride frequently, while left-handed people are more likely to ride erratically.

There are more right-handed people, as we all know. As a result, regular riders, surfers, and skateboarders will be more prevalent than goofy riders. But it’s only sometimes the case. This is only one concept.

Choosing your Position on any Board

If you can borrow a skateboard, I recommend doing so to determine your preferred Stance. Finding your Stance on the snow or sand and removing your bindings will save you a lot of time. A cheap cent board will do just fine.

Goofy vs Regular

Surfing and Kitesurfing

When riding a surfboard for the first time, try both methods and decide which you prefer to see if you’re regular or goofy. That would save time on the beach if you could work it out on a skateboard first. It is best to get in the water as soon as possible.

Although surfing is different and frequently demands the ability to ride both ways, it still doesn’t hurt to identify your preferred Position.


Snowboarding is one activity when you’re normal regular, or goofy. You don’t have the luxury of hopping off and stepping back on again in a different posture.

Finding out you fastened your bindings incorrectly when standing on the summit of a mountain is awful. 


Despite all the changes, the same guidelines for skating also apply to longboarding. Since longboards are far more stable than skateboards, choosing your ideal Position may be simpler.

You won’t need as many adjustments to maintain your balance and may concentrate more on the posture you want, with a longboard. It’s simpler to sustain speed since you have plenty of time to figure out what feels most natural.

How to Determine your Stance

 There are many steps through which you can determine your Stance, some of which are given below:

Jump Across Two Places if you can

Try to envision yourself leaping between two fictitious places to determine your Position on a board. You can either test which foot leads in your jump while standing still or while running. Try to leap over a patch of grass or between two concrete cracks, pushing off with one foot and landing with another as an easy method to set yourself up for this.

Usually, the foot that determines your Stance will be the one you use to lead in your leap. For instance, my right foot always initiates the jump whenever I attempt to execute this due to my awkward posture.

The only drawback of narrowing your options to one is that you risk overanalyzing it and coming up with the incorrect answer. To determine which foot you prefer most, it is best to try the following two techniques as well. Then compare all of your results.

Goofy vs Regular

Get a Little Backward Push from Someone

You can also test your goofiness by falling forward and seeing which foot catches you. You can do this alone, but I’ve noticed that when you know when you’re about to fall forward.

It’s challenging to get an honest response. Thus, having someone gently nudge you from behind ensures your reaction is natural.

Of course, the goal isn’t to be pushed around severely. Get someone to push you forward instead, just enough to throw you off balance while you’re still. With this “surprise,” your body will respond more naturally, and you won’t have as much time to second-guess which foot to catch yourself with. Most of the time, your front foot will be the one you use to catch yourself when you fall.

 Run Across the Floor While Wearing Socks

Wearing your favorite pair of slick socks and sliding across your living room is the final method for determining your Stance. After a few strong steps to gain momentum, pause your feet so that you are sliding across the floor. 

Once you’ve slid a few times, check the Position of your feet. With so little to overthink and your body doing what seems most natural, this is one of the most reliable methods for determining your Stance. In fact, when I started skateboarding and snowboarding, this technique was what helped me resolve my Stance.

How to Decide Whether to go for, Regular or Goofy

In determining which skaters position is ideal, you will stumble several times. Most people will get it immediately away, but for some, finding the perfect stance may be more difficult.

To check if you have a regular or silly posture, identify your dominant foot, which should be in front. You have to figure out what your body prefers, whether you have to use your regular foot or not.

The best piece of advice I can offer is to experiment with both conventional and goofy foot skateboards to see which one feels the most natural. By using the board posture, you will pick things up more quickly and feel safer.

To find what seems most comfortable, try riding in both directions and experiment with twisting, jumping off, and hopping on the board.

Get back on the board and practice using the foot that feels better while pushing off the pavement instead of the foot that feels better on the board as you gain speed.

Other Stance

It’s not just regular and goofy; there are many other stances which are given below, and you can impress your peers with these:

Switching ridingYou change your stance when you switch your stance. This means that for regular riders, your left foot should be at the back and your right foot should be in front.For goofy riders, the foot placement is reversed.
Moongo StanceMongo pushing is when you push your skateboard forward with your front foot and then immediately jump or slide with your rear foot near the kicktail and your other food front.
Ride the FakieWhen you ride a fakie, you push with your front foot while riding backward with your rear foot close to your tail looking forward. There is a huge difference between it and the riding switch, despite frequent confusion.

Effect of Being Left-Handed or Right-Handed on Stance

Hence, even if you write with your right hand, riding with your right foot forward may not make you feel more comfortable (goofy stance).

The same is true for the ball-kicking technique. It’s safe to say that most people favor their right foot when playing soccer, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the foot they use more often for board sports.

Just 5% of people are left-handed, compared to 95% of right-handed people. There weren’t enough ambidextrous people for the study to take into account. The concept that your dominant hand impacts your posture is refuted by the statistic that shows 44% of skaters are goofy and 56% are regular.

How exactly can you determine your footedness if you can’t trust your writing hand or your dominanat foot uin sports? Well you can try a few simple home remedies.


Just because more people ride Regular style frequently than goofy doesn’t imply it’s better. Your style and speed are unaffected; there is no difference at all. Having a conventional or ridiculous board stance does not impact your riding ability, speed, or style.

The problem is if you ride switch or in a posture different from your normal Stance. It will be difficult for you to stay balanced and perform correctly on your board. I sincerely hope that this 

article goofy vs regular is helpful for you.


Is Goofy or Regular Skateboarding Better?

The likelihood that you will ride regularly increases if you lead up the stairs with your right leg. If your left leg leads, you might want to try the goofy riding skateboard. Yet it’s crucial to remember that comfort, not left- or right-handedness, typically determines how you ride.

Do Goofy Footers have Left Hands?

Due to this, most right-handed surfers choose a standard surfing stance, while most left-handed surfers adopt a comical view. This is only sometimes the case, though. While some left-handed surfers like surfing regularly, some right-handed surfers prefer surfing or riding goofy.

Are Most Skateboarders Regular or Goofy?

Around half (44%) of the 4,000 Skatepark of Tampa Database skaters are silly, and half (56%) are regular. However, the statistics on handedness don’t support this close equivalence of skating positions. 90% of individuals, according to Scientific American, are right-handed.

What is Goofy Stance?

Stance goofy meaning is that, When a snowboarder rides with their right foot forward, they have a goofy posture. The snowboarder rides with their left foot ahead in a standard stance, which is the opposite. While 2022 gold medallist Max Parrot has goofy feet, three-time men’s snowboard slopestyle bronze medalist Mark McMorris has conventional feet.

Which Foot do you Push With on a Skateboard?

Posture is the first and most crucial opponent while pushing a skateboard. If you’re a dork, you’ll put your right leg on your skateboard and lift it off the ground with your left leg. If you are walking normally, your right leg will lift your skateboard off the ground while your left foot is on it.

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