Mellow VS Steep Deck Concave | Differences & Comparison 2023

Mellow VS Steep Deck Concave

Standing still on the deck, mellow concave boards might giv you a more secure or cosy feeling under your feet. Concave steep boards have egged that are raised more.

In addition to longboards made for downhill skating, there are popsicle boards for the streets and parks. Skateboard decks can be distinguished from other types of decks most noticeably by their size and cut.

In addition to shape, your skateboard’s overall performance is impacted by the concavity of your deck. Now let’s discuss Mellow vs steep deck concave. F

Mellow Deck Concave

The name makes it obvious a deck that is less curved than the other forms and has a flatter, mellow concave. Your centre of gravity will be lower due to the relatively flat form, making the ride more stable. The drawback is that you have less control over the board and must kick more forcefully to get this decl to spin.

Due to its steady and predictable behaviour, a mellow concave is better for flat terrain than transition skating.

It has a less curve and a larger area of level surface to set your feet on, a board with a “mellow” concave will feel more “flat” under your feet.

On the opposite side, you will notice the curvature and contour under your feet more the more concave it is. Some people favour it since it offers them a new foot arrangement with a curvier surface that reach faster to your kick and shove motions.

Mellow VS Steep Deck Concave

The objective is to locate the concave that will enables you to walk around freely and pleasantly.


  • More reliable tricks
  • Improve cruising
  • Have shock absorbing capabilities


  • Unstable

Steep Deck Concave

If you are a accustomed to  medium concave, you will immediately notice a deep or steep concaves. Skaters who ride steep concaves frequently have a high level of technical skills. It take a lot of skill and technique to ride a steep concave.

Even when wearing cupsole shoe, you’ll still feel the curve ,ore strongly on a steep concave decl because there isn’t much pocket space for you feet.

A steep concave decks allows you to really dig into the slides of your deck, which is fantastic for powerslids. Additionally this style of deck has an aggressive pop and flicks much more quickly. Because the tail is higher off the ground, you have to pop a little harder.


  • Increased deck stiffness
  • Improved board grip and feel
  • Pops are preferable
  • Flat Kicktails.


  • Cause pain
  • Demads plenty of energy.
Mellow VS Steep Deck Concave

Difference between Mellow vs Steep Deck Concave

Mellow vs steep deck concave are different in various aspects. Some of the major differences in the form of the table are given below:

Mellow Deck ConcaveSteep Deck Concave
The centre is not particularly deep and only barely dips beyond the skateboard deck’s plainConcave is fairly deep and does not touch the skateboard deck’s plain.
Skateboarders can stand and balance more easilyIt is challenging to stand and keep your equilibrium.
The surface is aligned and it will move quite quickly.You may notice a slight lack of quickness in comparison.
Does not smoothly spin or flip.Excellent turns and flips, scooping becomes rather simple.
Perfect for cruisers, office commuters, and street skateboarders.Perfect for skateboarders trying to do tricks.
A gentle concave is used in the design of longboards and cruiser boards.Carving and shortboard skateboards have a deep concave.
For Beginnners and female skateboarders.For Professional skateboarders

Should beginners be concerned with concave

When you initially start skating, all your attention hould be on learning to ride and meld with the board like a jedi. The more time you spend riding a board and sizes, the more you become aware of what feels best.

Cost of Mellow vs Steep Deck Concave

There is variation in the prices of Mellow vs Steep Deck Concave. Some of the price of steep concave skateboard brands and mellow concave deck brands  are given below in detail which helps you to decide which one is best and affordable for you:

Mellow Deck ConcavePrice
Cal 7 blank 8’’ skateboard deck with Mellow grit grip$28.99
Space Race Mellow Concave Deck$55.00
Baker white 8.625’’ Mellow concave deck$129.00
Steep Deck ConcavePrice
Man on the Moon Steep Concave Deck$55.00
USA 8.5 Steep Concave Deck$18.00
Steep blank skateboard deck$16.00

Levels of Skateboard Concave

Three levels of concave  give a board a noticeable bend throughout. There are many depths that appear shallow or deep.

Mellow VS Steep Deck Concave

Flat Concave

They create reasonably flat decks with little curvature. As a resul, the centre of gravity is lowered, improving stability at the expenses of agility.

Wheel bite is a common issue that all skaters detest. This occurs as a result of low seaterd vehicles or larger wheels. Make sure the trucks and wheels first before removing or repalcing the.

Medium Concave

A medium or mellow concave is the most preferred deck shape. This layout offers a comfortable middle ground that is neither too flat nor too steep.

As a result, the board becomes lightweight and easy to flick without adhering to your feet. The preferred concave for flip tricks and street skating is a medium concave.

Deep Concave

An elevated or steep concave is created by deeper curves. Step on a board to demonstrate how your feet sag and grab the surface to help you realise this.

Deck stiffness is enhanced by a more dramatic flip. Better leverage may be produced by the pockets of the deck concave or a more secure grip may be provided for feet towards the nose and tail.


 Always keep in mind that both types have cons.The latter will improve your ability to pull off tricks, but the former will allow you to cruise more steadily.

In skateboarding, a slight variation in the deck’s size, shape, or concavity can improve or impair your skating. A seemingly unimportant feature can have a significant influence. 

Consider all the details including those that some manufacturers may not have highlighted when picking boards. In this manner, you can prepare for the ride you want.


Is Mellow Concave is Same as Medium Concave?

A “medium” or “mellow” concave is the most preferred deck shape. This layout offers a comfortable middle ground taht is neither too flat nor too steep. As a result, the board becomes lightweight adhering to your feet. The preferred concave for flip tricks and street skating is a medium concave.

How do I Choose a Concave Deck?

You can easily choose a concave deck of your step by reading instructions given below:
When you are standing still on the deck, bards with mellow concavities may feel more secure to pleasant under your feet. However, it will be more difficult to pull off flip stunts the flatter the concave.
Beginners should use standard or medium concave boards. Try a medium concave and see how it fits you if you’re unsure of what kind of concave to choos.
Concave boards that are steep or high have a higher edges. These boards are excellent for learning how to perform flips and ollies.

What does a Typical Skateboard Concave Look like?

If you’re unsure of which concave level will fit you the best, a medium concave is a safe bet. Skateboard decks typically have a medium concave profile.

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