Drop Through vs Drop Down Through Longboard 2023

Drop Through vs Drop Down

Drop Through vs Drop Down longboards are no exception to the vast differences in ride and style across various longboards forms.

You’ve come to the perfect location if you can’t decide between the two. In order for you to make an informed choice, I’ll break down the variations in shape, style, and riding.

The skating industry is renowned for offering novice skaters an enormous variety of items. The challenge for skateboarders who want a longboard is locating one that meets their individual requirements.

This article concentrates on the two longboards that serve as the starting point for the debates: drop through and drop down decks. It’s difficult to choose between the two longboards because they look similar to one another.

Your search for a board may be streamlined once you understand the fundamental differences between drop down longboard types and functions. I’ll make sure that by the time you finish reading Drop Through vs Drop Down, you’ll have far more information to help you decide.

Drop Through

A drop-through longboard resembles a drop-through, with the exception that the deck aligns with the baseplates of the truck.

A longboard with a lowered deck that brings the rider closer to the ground is referred to as drop through longboard. The baseplates of the vehicles are parallel to the deck. 

In order to prevent wheel bite when turning, a longboard drop through frequently has notches carved out above the wheels. A drop-through longboard is excellent for downhill riding and cruising and offers tremendous stability at high speeds.

In comparison to the drop-down style deck, the drop-through longboard is a little more adaptable and beginner friendly.


  • It’s easy to control and move around
  • For a cruiser riding style, it’s ideal.
  • More endurance at high speeds is made possible by the lower center of gravity.
  • A slide-in and slide-out design.
  • The finest option for carving and traction.
  • Superior to drop downs for beginners.


  • This option gives less grip in comparison to the other design options.
Drop Through

Drop Down

A top-mount board with a concave that lowers you to a level below your trucks is all that a dropdown longboard deck is. These boards are great for a variety of riding styles, but I prefer to just cruise about my neighborhood. They offer more traction than a drop-through, which facilitates sliding. These drop down platform longboard decks are the strongest ones now on the market.

A form for technical skaters that is designed to be employed on more challenging terrain is the drop-down. It has a curved platform at the back of the truck, which makes the deck very strong.

The platform is supported by the base plates and the trucks are positioned as usual. An extremely steady ride is produced by this configuration, which equally distributes the rider’s weight over the truck. When you slide it, you can hold onto it more securely.

This decreased center of gravity gives you more control. The fact that it is lower down means that you can grab it more tightly. A drop-down is perfect for pushing and commuting because it requires little effort on your part to maintain control.


  • Superior strength and grip compared to a drop-through longboard.
  • Its weight distribution makes it a more sturdy board, and its rigid deck is designed for technical riding.
  • High levels of grip are made possible by its low center of gravity.
  • Freeriding, hauling, and pumping.


  • Not advised for fast bends or downhill riding.

Differences Between Drop Through vs Drop Down Decks

Despite the fact that drop-through and drop-down decks both have low centers of gravity, they attain their low platforms in quite different ways and offer various riding experiences. Although novice riders might not notice the distinction when they test these decks out, they will begin to do so as they gain more experience.

The shape of these two Drop deck skateboards is another distinction. During the drop-through, the truck rests on top of the deck via a small incision in the deck; however, for the drop down longboard deck only, the truck is positioned beneath the deck, with the concave drop-down directly beneath it for stability.

While drop-through is far faster than the drop-down at top speed, it is less stable. The drop-through can be used for greater freeriding than the drop-down and is more maneuverable than the drop-down at top speed.

The drop-through is more responsive than the drop-down in that it responds with less effort from you and does so more quickly than the drop-down, which requires more effort to accomplish what you desire. slammed longboard tricks are used by pros for drop down and drop through longboarding.

The drop-down has a smaller surface area because of the concave cut in the deck, but the drop-through provides a larger surface area for riders to place their legs. While the drop-down has a concave drop that makes it more stable even at high speeds, the drop-through has a bigger surface area, making it more maneuverable and responsive.

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Differences Between Drop Through vs Drop Down Decks


The main similarities between these two are given below:

  • There is a smaller center of gravity on both boards.
  • At high speeds, both boards are stable.
  • Reverse kingpin trucks with wide hangers are present on both boards.
  • Due to their proximity to the ground, both boards are simpler to push. Compared to pintail and other longboard shapes, both boards are also simpler to slide on.

Drop-Down Longboards For Beginners

Pro freeride boarders may like to drop-down longboards, but they are also well-known as excellent starter boards. They provide improved stability even at higher or faster riding speeds because of how their low riding longboards deck is constructed.

Moreover, this longboard with a drop-down deck is excellent for cruising and carving. When the center of gravity is decreased, the drop-down longboard’s concave allows you more control over your ride while also increasing stability. As a result, learning to turn and maneuver on a drop-down deck is simple.

The drop-down longboard is ideal for you if you’re searching for anything that will advance your riding. You can easily go from a beginner to a pro thanks to its adaptable design.

Drop-Down Longboards For Beginners


Knowing what deck is made for will help you distinguish between Drop Through vs Drop Down.

Before selecting a longboard with a drop-through or drop-down design, be certain you are aware of the riding style that best suits you. Drop-throughs are the best option if you want a to low center of gravity that is fantastic for speed.

Dropdowns, on the other hand, would definitely be preferable if your primary objective is simply driving around town and going to work or school. Both options can be appropriate for riders that enjoy free riding.


How to drop in on a skateboard?

One of the most terrifying and entertaining things you can try as a novice is to drop into a ramp on a skateboard. Every skateboarder must learn it since it is a necessary step in the Great Adventure Of Skating. While initially intimidating, dropping in is actually very simple.

What is a drop through longboard?

A drop through longboards has trucks that are mounted through the deck rather than directly to the underside of the board. Which is known as a “topmounted” board. A drop through only requires a customized deck, special vehicles are not required.

Are Drop through boards are good?

Drop through decks are useful because they offer more versatility. These are not too challenging for beginner cyclists. Drp through boards, which are more flexible than drop boards, can travel at faster speeds, albeit it’s not a good idea if you’re just starting out with longboarding.

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