Longboard Trucks Vs Skateboard Trucks What’s The Difference

Longboard Trucks Vs Skateboard Trucks

All longboards and skateboards have two trucks, which are the metal t-shaped parts that are affixed to your deck or board.

Axle or hanger width is used to gauge a truck’s size. It’s not that hard to choose one; just read the article Longboard Trucks Vs Skateboard Trucks given below.

The base plate, bushings, kingpin, hangers, and axles are the same for both trucks. All of these elements have an impact on both your performance and the board’s behavior.

Longboard Trucks

Wider trucks, a reverse Kingpin (RKP), and typically 150mm or 180mm hangers characterize longboard trucks.

Depending on how wide your longboard deck is, you should choose your truck. Typically, decks 9″ wide longboard trucks require 180 mm trucks. For any smaller, go with 150mm trucks. They are longer than skateboard trucks and are built for stability and turnability.

Longboard Trucks Vs Skateboard Trucks


  • permits balanced riding.
  • excellent for novice skaters
  • Greater grinding space, but the axle width makes 


  • slightly less maneuverable

Skateboard Trucks

The trucks on skateboards are smaller and have a typical kingpin (TKP). They come in a variety of sizes, and you should choose one that matches the maximum width of your deck.

Hence, you utilize a truck axle between 6 and 7.25 inches on decks between 6.5 and 7.25 inches. You utilize 7,5″ truck axles on a 7,25″ to 7,5″ deck, and so forth. They are built to be stronger, more maneuverable, and smaller than longboard trucks.


  • Excellent control and maneuverability with thin axles, making them ideal for parks and other technical skating disciplines.
  • Narrow axles for maximum control and maneuverability


  • a little difficult to balance
  • a few swerving problems caused by stiff bushings
Longboard Trucks Vs Skateboard Trucks

Difference Between Longboard Trucks Vs Skateboard Trucks

Perhaps you can now see how these truck kinds differ from one another. But before we do, it’s important to understand the differences between longboarding and skateboarding trucks.

If you are looking for what is the difference between a longboard and a skateboard? then the detailed answer is given below:

Axle Width

A longboard truck’s axle has the same width as the deck. While there is less mobility with this arrangement, the ride is more stable. 

skateboard trucks frequently employ an axle that is smaller than the board. When doing freestyle, this leads to maximum maneuverability and superb control. These axles, however, are less reliable and have poor surface traction.

It is advised to have an axle as wide as the deck, with the truck’s width being equal to the axle’s width. This advice is typically followed by longboard skateboard trucks, which provide the same width as the deck. With a little less mobility, this provides a steady and durable ride. These axles are excellent for downhill cruising and speed.

Hanger Width

A 120-mm hanger can help you perform more freestyle moves if you ride a 7.5-inch deck by keeping you properly centered. The size of the deck determines the hanger width. Longboard trucks typically have hangers that are 150 to 180 mm broad.

Because these broader trucks require more space to maneuver, a 180mm hanger is used with a 9″ deck. On a longboard cruiser, 150mm to 160mm is appropriate. You can benefit from a quick, more reliable ride and more grinding space with the help of these broad trucks.

Standard skateboard trucks, in comparison, feature a 100mm to 145mm hanger. A 128mm hanger will enable freestyle maneuvers on a 7.5″ deck. You have a sense of well-being and extreme movement.


The rubber cushions that make up the bushing serve as your vehicle’s primary means of handling and stability control. Hence, longboard and skateboard trucks have chosen their sides as customary.

Longboard trucks feature three types of bushings: a medium bushing for cruising, and a soft bushing for carving. For a longboard truck, a bushing that is neither too soft nor too hard works well.

On the other hand, since they suit the little tight and strong bushings to get more stability, the choice of skateboard trucks is simpler. Unfortunately, this leads to a minor swerving issue.


longboard trucks on skateboards often have a higher angle, between 48 and 50 degrees. This not only provides the best carving power but also aids in cruising or downhill. This approach is equally suitable for beginners.

An angle is created between the deck and the truck by the baseplate. Using its angles and the pivot cup housing, it regulates how the board operates.

Skateboard trucks, on the other hand, have angles between 40 and 45 degrees. Hence, they enable greater stability and grip at faster speeds.


Skateboard trucks often favor the TKP that is situated adjacent to the axle. It is positioned beneath the RKP. Also, it offers superb control over the games for carving, tech sliding, and skate parks.

The kind of kingpin is still another important distinction. Reverse kingpins (RKP) and standard kingpins are the two varieties (TKP).

Longboard Trucks Vs Skateboard Trucks

The reverse kingpin, which is a little taller, is used with longboard trucks. The TKP faces inside, but the RKP looks outward. It offers more stability than TKP and is preferred for carving, cruising, and freestyle.


Aluminum and other metals are used with steel and brass in longboard trucks to provide a stronger grip. These materials also strengthen and last longer.

The truck’s fundamental component that regulates the ride is its substance. A truck’s construction can use a variety of materials.

Axles and kingpins that are hollow are utilized to reduce additional weight brought on by heavy metals. All sorts of skating typically benefit from lighter trucks.

The hanger and baseplate of the majority of skateboard trucks longboard are constructed of aluminum, whereas the axles are built of steel. This combination provides skilled riding and aids in trick performance for riders. 

Which one is Best Longboard Trucks Vs Skateboard Trucks

Due to the fact that both trucks have unique qualities of their own, the question is difficult to answer.

Longboard ones often have broader ones due to the reverse kingpin. They are the ones who work for the bigger boards as a result.

These bikes offer a smooth ride and are ideal for downhill, carving, skating, and cruising. These are helpful to a newbie as well.

Skateboards come with the customary kingpin. Since they are frequently thinner, they are good for shorter and narrower boards.

These types are more suitable for skating in skateparks and street bowls. Furthermore, using these technologies needs a great degree of steadiness and skill.


Longboard Trucks Vs Skateboard Trucks both succeed on their own. And the only time they fall short is when our setups don’t match theirs. We should therefore always be aware of how these boards operate and the best setups for them.

We were already aware that the trucks used for longboards and skateboards are not interchangeable. Also, they differ in their designs and component parts, making them ideal for particular uses.

Bear in mind that longboard trucks are only for longboards. Skateboards can be used in the same way.


Can you Ride a Longboard with Skateboard Trucks?

Is it possible to make a skateboard with longboard trucks? Interchanging skateboard and longboard trucks won’t produce good results due to the different sizes.
Consider getting secondhand longboard trucks and placing them on a skateboard. The configuration may present certain safety issues in addition to limiting your movement due to the size of the axles.

Why are the Trucks on Longboards Facing Backward?

RKP trucks are more likely to strike avid skateboarders as strange. But why are longboard trucks constructed in this manner?
RKPs are positioned so that the longboard is more stable. Some claim that this arrangement also eliminates speed wobbles. These are simply a few advantages of RKP trucks, though.

Are there Decks for all Longboard Trucks?

No. Longboard and skateboard trucks can only fit their respective decks when they adhere to the sizing principle we have already covered.
Hence, trucks on skateboards should preferably be narrower. Moreover, longboards require axle pins whose lengths match the width of the deck. Then both boards will operate at their peak efficiency.

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