Skateboard vs Roller Skates | Which One Better Suits You

Skateboard vs Roller Skates

Wheels made of Urethane are no longer unusual to us. They became a mainstay of the sport after its development. Also, these rollers have made an appearance in several outdoor sports throughout the years, like roller skating and skateboarding to mention a couple.

Roller skating is a beginner’s sport of choice since it is simpler, safer, and appropriate for all ages. Conversely, skateboarding is increasingly popular among young people and offers greater versatility to display a variety of feats and tricks. BMX skateboard is another option .

Learn more about the distinctions between Skateboard vs Roller Skates to determine which one is best for you.

Skateboard vs Roller Skates

Roller Skates

Roller skates or rollerblades are more like footwear when compared to skateboards. These skates have two wheels up front and two more at the back, resembling a pair of shoes. A stopper that acts as the user’s brake is also located on the shoe’s toe.

Roller skates allow users to go from one location to another, just like skateboards do. They also provide entertaining and thrilling wheeled rides.


  • Greatest for parks and streets
  • Possibility of quick turns.
  • More enjoyable and educational stunts.


  • A greater risk than roller skating.


Skateboards are a mid-20th century invention that, as we all know, became popular in recent years.

They are stepping platforms made of wood, or occasionally plastic, with gripping or springy wheels attached to two alloy trucks. Long paths, streets, and skate parks all accommodate skateboarding. They are also more advantageous for commuting than rollerblades.

Skateboards come in a variety of sizes, forms, and constructions. But the fact that these fit everyone is certain. pros and cons of skateboarding are given below.


  • An improved learning curve that is easier to stand on, especially for beginners
  • more secure than Roller Skate


  • Unsuitable for sharp or smooth turns

Difference between Skateboard vs Roller Skates:

The main difference between Skateboard vs Roller Skates are given below in detail:

Skateboard vs Roller Skates


One of a roller skate’s most noticeable features is its brake. Underneath the tip of the shoe, is a toe stopper. This component is replaceable and some users swap it out for jam plugs that don’t work as brakes.

Rubber components known as toe stops are fastened to a bolt that attaches to a roller skate. They are simple to operate, and as skaters point their skates downward, the rubber stops graters against the surface. The roller skate eventually slows down.

All roller skates include toe stops, thus stopping just requires light pressure on the toes. Skateboards do not have built-in brakes, therefore you will need to learn some difficult stopping techniques.


Skateboards have trucks with wheels attached to them. The skateboard’s trucks determine how smoothly you can ride. A roller skate, in comparison, has wheels that are rounder, higher and have thin bottoms.

Roller skate wheels move more quickly. Yet, skateboard rollers have smoother glides and better spins. When you use roller skates, the wheels are worn out. Yet, when performing tricks, skateboard rollers separate from your feet. Skateboards only have eight bearings, but roller skates have sixteen.

Thus, the size and design of the wheels are key distinctions between roller skates and skateboards. The wheels of rollerblades are slimmer and smaller. Compared to skateboard wheels, which are available in a variety of sizes and types.

Techniques of Riding

The riding positions are different between skateboarding vs rollerblading When using a skateboard, your body should be facing the direction of the board.

Skateboarders push, roll, and move while riding a skateboard. In contrast, roller skating board  is more about walking while maintaining balance. As a result, the riding styles for skating and roller skating are significantly dissimilar. Skateboarding is done on flat surfaces for transportation as well as skating ramps.

Also, there are big differences between how you balance on a skateboard and roller skates. For instance, how your feet are placed on the skateboard might affect how comfortable the ride is. To balance oneself, you put your stronger foot on the board with your weaker foot on the floor. At the same moment, your bended knees assist in propelling you forward.

You need a flat area to balance yourself when using roller skates. Compared to traditional roller skates, inline skating or rollerblading requires greater balance because your mobility is determined by where you place your toes.

TechniquesFor roller skatesFor Skateboards
BalancingThe lower body is used when rollerblading and some core muscles are used to maintain balance. That is why it feels a little more challenging. Balancing your body over rollerblades will get simpler with the appropriate technique.The skateboard is more stable and simpler to balance. To balance oneself put one foot on the board and the other on the ground. To gain extra stability, flex your knees.
Tricks and FlipsYou have much more control over your feet when you’re rollerblading. On roller skates, flips like the handplant, the backflip, and others are also simpler to perform. roller blades for tricks need great control.A skateboard will also allow you to perform a lot more tricks. But, learning how to skateboard properly will require some preparation.
SkatingThe ideal surface for some speed skating is a tarnished wooden floor. Unless you fall, playing on a polyurethane-coated surface will be more enjoyable.Skateboards are designed specifically for use on pavement, skateparks, and most other unforgiving surfaces
Skateboard vs Roller Skates


Roller skates provide similar safety dangers as skateboards do. Skateboarding is eight times more dangerous than roller skating, according to pertinent statistics. While just covering head injuries, such a claim may also cover other types of losses.

Nonetheless, safety equipment is still required whether you are skating the safest rollerblades.

Ease of Riding

The difference between roller skates and skateboards is in the learning curve. Here’s our perspective on this, even though it differs from what skateboarders think about roller skaters.

Roller skates are easier to learn despite the difficulties with balancing. Because the skate stays attached to your feet no matter how much you move, you may make the most of your body’s movements.

So, using a roller skate makes it easier and more convenient to navigate around road barriers.

Skateboards, on the other hand, will test your agility. You will practice using curbs, ledges, rails, ramps, and other street obstacles. Although it may sound disheartening, until you have a bruise, you won’t get better.


Skateboards and roller skates don’t require electricity to operate. Although they are manual machines. their speeds do not exclusively depend on the riders pushing technique. Thus, a skateboard or a roller skate is faster.

For the record, the typical speed of a skateboard is between 5 and 12 mph. Naturally, the figures ride dramatically in the case of e-skates.

Roller skates, on the other hand, are faster as already noted. The typical speed of rollerblades is between 8 and 16 mph.

Summary of Differences and Features

The summary of differences and features of roller skating and skateboarding is given below:

Comparing factors Roller skating Skateboarding 
SafetySaferLess safe
Age rangesuits all age groupstrendier among the youth
VersatilityLess versatileMore versatile
Axle connectionWheels are supported from both sides by a single wheel per axleWheels are supported from only one side by an axle connecting two wheels
StabilityLess stableMore stable
SpeedThe average speed of roller skates is 8-16 mphThe average speed of skateboarding is 5-12 mph
AgilityMore agileLess agile
WheelsNarrow on the bottom, smaller, and thinnerRounded and taller
BalancingHard to balanceEasy to balance
Wheel varietyWide range of variety availableLess variety available
Tricks and flipsFewer tricks are availableA lot of tricks are available
Tricks hardnessEasyHard
Better place to practiceIndoor (tarnished wooden floor, polyurethane-coated surface)Outdoor (roads, skateparks, and most other rough terrains)
Aerobic benefitsA lotNot much
Calories burnBurns approximately 600-1000 calories in every hourBurns between 300-420 calories per hour
StoppingWith brakesNo brakes
Accident probabilityLowerHigher

Roller Skating vs Skateboarding Which One is Easier

Is roller skating easier than rollerblading? If you are looking for this then your answer is given below:

Striking a Balance

In comparison, skateboards are simple to balance on. The location of the wheels helps to evenly distribute the weight and maintain the stability of the board.

On the other hand, while using rollerblades, you’ll need to move around regularly. While maintaining balance may appear simple, learning balance while moving on wheels is more difficult.

Turns and Jumps

Skateboarding is more difficult to manage across uneven terrain. Skateboarding is seen as an extreme sport as a result.

On the other hand, roller skating is remarkably simple, especially on uneven surfaces. While jumping is more difficult on roller skates, taking turns is also easier.


how to stop when roller skating? The answer is that Stoppies on both of them will be challenging for a beginner. Don’t forget to take precautions first. The speed of roller skates can be controlled with brakes, while stake boards don’t have brakes.

We advise you to practice stopping because of this. At the appropriate moment to reduce your speed, plant one foot. After a few practice sessions, you’ll be prepared to go.

Best Roller Skates for Skating

The two best roller skates for skating are discussed below in detail which helps you find out which one is more suitable for you:

Otw Cool Adjustable

The Otw-Cool Adjustable Roller Skates have a very adorable and vibrant design. They are effectively and safely designed to stop children from skating.

After you start moving, the wheel’s illumination lights start to flicker and turn on. The absence of a battery makes the wheels one of their best features.

The skates’ ABEC-7 complete precision bearings on the wheels provide for secure and easy movement, making them appropriate for usage both inside and outside.

Moreover, the skates are styled like high-top trainers. The roller skates’ inner surfaces of the trainers are cushioned with padding. As a result, it offers a considerably higher degree of skating experience because of its extremely tight fit.

Trac Star

The wheels of roller skates are 54mm thick urethane. These attributes make them appropriate for swearing on public property both indoors and outside. The graphite bearing on the wheels also provides the skates with a wonderful roll.

The toe brake and actual trucks on roller skates give a young skater an authentic skating experience.

Best Skateboard for Skating

For skating we recommend you bleeve skateboard which is best for you:

Bleeve Skateboard

The first thing that draws your notice is the Beleev Skateboards for Beginners. This skateboard is not only visually appealing, but it is also tough as nails.

To give you that extra boost, it is made of 7-ply maple wood. Also, the board’s concave design is incredibly flexible. While performing intricate maneuvers and sharp turns, is quite helpful.

The skateboard’s dimensions must provide you adequate room to move it around with ease. The ABEC-7 precise bearings ensure smooth traction at the same time.


Skateboard vs Roller Skates is two distinct sports. They might be comparable in a few ways, but their methods of execution are different. In a debate between skateboards and roller skates, there will therefore always be both positive and negative implications.

Roller skates are for rapid rides and beginning skaters, while skateboarders are or tricks, parks, and the streets. But whichever one you choose, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the best rides of your life.


Which is Faster Skateboards or Rollerblades?

Skateboards can only go around four miles per hour faster than roller skates. We are aware that caution goes hand in hand with speed. So keep in mind that it’s not always about how quickly you travel.

Which is Better Roller Skates or Skateboard for Beginners?

For beginners, roller skates are preferable. Why? The following are some factors that make roller skating simpler than skateboarding
Learning to skate is simple.
Skateboarding is much riskier than roller skating.
They brake more smoothly than skateboards do.

Is Rollerblading more Difficult Than Roller Skating?

Practically speaking, roller skating is better for beginners. Why? because the wheels secure their feet from all sides. This allows them to push without shifting left or right.

Who Invented Roller Blades?

Rollerblades are created by Scott and Brennan Olsen. Two Minnesota brothers named Scott and Brennan Olsen found an outdated inline skate in a sporting goods store in 1980 and decided the style would be ideal for the off-season, hockey practice.

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