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alien vs predator skateboard

Consider the Allien vs. Predator Skateboard as an illustration. There is always at least one skateboard model that we find most intriguing in a selection of options. It can be a result of it’s appearance, reputation, or general performance. But in all of these factors, we must succeed in achieving our main objectives.

Alien vs Predator Skateboard

In the fall of 1990, Alien Workshop was established close to Dayton, Ohio. For more than three decades, we have been a part of the global skateboarding scene, adding to its development and culture with our unique perspective. Our crew has advanced skating across several eras over this time and continues to do so today. We are dedicated to producing high-quality goods that reflect our values and foster friendship among Sect members who share similar interests in skateboarding. Alien vs predator Michael Jackson T-shirts are also the best-selling of this brand.

Now, we develop the products, manage operations, and ship your order for this website from our headquarters outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. We have a very small but committed staff that works hard to uphold the history of Alien Workshop skateboards and values the help that the world has provided. These skateboards are skateboards designed by getting influenced by Hollywood series.

alien vs predator skateboard
Advantage of the cramped interior areas.Erratic level layout
Diversity with three different campaignsControls are clumsy.
Closeup kills are delightful.

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the Alien vs Predator skateboard is given below:

Cost of Alien vs Predator Skateboard

The price of alien and predator skateboards varies a little bit depending on the selling platform and the offers they make. Currently, boards range in price from$64.99 from to $130. skate mental alien vs predator skateboard is one of the reasonable skateboards.

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On amazon the prices of Alien vs predator Skateboards according to skateboard models are given below:

Alien Workshop Abduction$98
Alien Workshop pre-built skateboard$94
Alien Army Skateboard$114
Alien firm works on Skateboard$82
Alien vs predator skate mental skateboard$62.95
Cost of Alien vs Predator Skateboard

Alien vs Predator Skateboard

Instead, one of Skate Mental’s most popular skateboards of all time is Alien VS Predator. More specifically, the Donny Miller-designed graphics for the AVP Night are what make it so well-known.

Music legend Michael Jackson is depicted on the deck of this Alien VS Predator Skate Mental with a friendly alien standing behind him.

I consider it to be somewhat unconventional for a skateboard design when compared to some of the skateboards available nowadays. Yet, for this reason, it left the skate market in about 2008.

Which one is Good Alien or  Predator Skateboard

Which one is Good Alien or  Predator Skateboard

This board is made of 7-ply maples, like many other designs. Understanding maple wood, we can observe that this skateboard has enough elasticity, pop, and durability. Hence, Alien vs. Predator’s appeal extends beyond aesthetics. Performance is also important.

How wide is the deck? The most important consideration when deciding on a skateboard’s size is this element. Skate Mental’s Alien VS Predator Night has an 8.25″ body. This figure shows how well the skateboard performs when used for technical skating.

Several AVP Night size variations exist as well. One is the skateboard with an 8.4″ deck and a 14.25″ wheelbase. The identical item provides three grip-taping possibilities (Jessup, Mob Grip, and Clear).

Buying Guide

As previously indicated, Alien VS Predator is still available on many platforms, including on numerous internet shopping sites. You may get this skateboard from a few of the stores listed here. Some might provide trucks and setup kits, while others would merely have a deck.

  • Note Shop 
  • Overload at the Native
  •  Skate Store
  • Route One on eBay


Skate decks are well known for various reasons, much like the movie Alien vs Predator 3. If we consider the Alien vs. Predator skateboard, some people could choose it based solely on the artwork, while others appreciate it’s medium concave and robust wood construction.

Focus on your skating objectives and the technical aspects of the equipment, regardless of the brand or deck you select. They will assist you in getting on the right board.


What is The Story Behind Alien and Predator Skateboards?

A mysterious heat signal is found beneath the ice, prompting millionnaire charities Bishop Weyland to gather a team of paleontologists and other experts for an expedition to a desolate island off the coast of Antarctica in the 2004 film Alien vs Predator. These skateboards are influenced by these series. 

Who is the Owner of Skate Mental Skateboards?

Brad Staba is the director, founder, and lead production of skate mental skateboard.

What is The Minimum Cost of These Skateboards?

These skateboards are available at various prices but the most reasonable price is skate mental skateboard at $62.

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