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8 Vs 8.5 Skateboard

The difference is just of sizes. 8.0 and 8.5 inches are currently two of the most popular skateboard widths. These sizes are balanced, in addition to being useful.

Which skateboard should you choose between an 8 and an 8.5, though? What real difference will choosing one over the other make? What about other facets of the sport, and how do they change in various sizes? As we highlight these contrasts, keep reading this article 8 vs 8.5 skateboard.

8.0 Skateboard Deck

8’’ skateboard decks are frequently the preferred choice for street skating and technical skating. This size frequently falls in the midpoint of various sizing scales.

The majority of skaters that use this skateboard width have 9-10 inch feet. The 8.0 inch skateboard deck falls under the taller category of those who are at least 5’3’’ and are 13 years of age or older.

8 Vs 8.5 Skateboard


  • Light decks
  • Great flexibility
  • Move quickly


  • Less reliable

8.5’’ Skateboard Deck

For many people a half inch variation in the size of a skateboard deck might already provide a noticeable effects.

The skate deck size chart of board made for parks and street, like the 8.0 ends with 8.5 boards. These skateboards are suitable for skaters with feet up to the size of 12. Which is frequently the larger size.


  • Better for landing stunts.
  • Great stability


  • Slower
8 Vs 8.5 Skateboard

Difference Between 8 vs 8.5 Skateboard

There are various difference between 8 vs 8.5 skateboard but some of the major differences are given below:

Various Body Types and Skateboard Sizes

We should evaluate additional physical characteristics, particularly our weight. Similar to height factors, lighter skaters between the weights of 100 and 150 pounds like the 8.0 skateboard decks’ thinner profile. In essence, larger riders would choose the size 8.5 skateboard.

We stated that skateboarders using 8.0 and 8.5-inch decks must be at least 5’3″ tall. However, you might as well choose the 8.0 if you’re a little shorter and prefer a board that is easier to manoeuvre.

Size of Wheel and Truck

Knowing what size wheels to use for an 8.5 deck or an 8.0 board is a good example of how the size of the skateboard deck can be usefully related to other parts. But let’s concentrate on a different part of this.

However, because 8.5 skate boards are much wider than 8.0 skate decks, you can still use trucks that are 8.4 to 8.75 inches long for their configuration.

The truck size for an 8 inch deck should specifically have an 8.25 inch wide axle. The same truck size works well with 8.5 inch skateboards as well.

Style of Skating

Yes, both types of skateboard decks are suitable for technical skating. The 8.5 boards, on the other hand, are used for skate park obstacles like ramps and transitions. Although many skateboarders today believe that 8.5 inch skateboard decks are acceptable for both all-around skating and professional levels, despite these challenges. This gives them the appearance of being more adaptable.

8 Vs 8.5 Skateboard

Simply simply, 8.0 skateboard decks are best for skateboarding on the streets.  It’s because this deck size provides the most manoeuvrability when navigating cities. However, there are other aspects to take into account as well, such as where you are in your skating development. An 8-inch deck is a good place to start for beginners, for instance.


Notably, there aren’t many or hardly any size disparities that affect how we skate. We often obtain a better understanding of the factors by contrasting one choice with another.

In this 8 VS 8.5 skateboard comparison, we discovered that 8.0 skateboard decks are typically more manoeuvrable and 8.5 skateboard decks are typically more stable. However, while these factors are still vulnerable to other factors, let’s not forget to take into account our body types and preferred skating techniques.

We will eventually strike the ideal balance between skateboard sizes, board adaptability, and overall performance.


Is a 8.5 a Bad Deck Size?

Purchasing a deck between 8.0 and 8.5 inches wide is advised if you wear shoes larger than size 9. Skaters who enjoy manuals, ledges, flat bars, and technical tricks typically favour boards that are on the smaller end of the spectrum (7.75 to 8.25 inches).
For most people, an 8-inch deck is fairly wide enough for skating purposes without having to worry about being too big or too tiny for their feet.” Remember that a wider board will provide greater stability when performing flip tricks or manual manoeuvres, whilst a narrower board can be more appropriate for skaters who want to perform ledge and flatbar skating.

Should I get an 8.5 or 8.25 Skateboard?

To aid with our decision, let’s first examine what an 8.25 skateboard deck has to offer. Skaters who are 5’6″ tall should use skateboard decks that measure 8.25. But in order to achieve the proper ratio of feet to deck space, you must still take your foot size into account. 
You might only have to choose an 8.5 over an 8.25 when you have slightly longer feet (size 9.5 or above) and plan to cruise. Why? 8.5 skateboard decks have a wider turning range and more stability.

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