RipStik vs Skateboard What is The Difference

RipStik vs Skateboard

Skateboards are serious business, but ripsticks are more a fun novelty. Ripstiks are only entertaining for a short period of time, uncomfortable, and challenging to handle in a skate parl.

Conversely, skateboards may be used for a variety of tricks and are convenient for transportation. Imagine you own a skateboard and a RipStik but have never used either. Which one suits you better, a ripstick skateboard or a skateboard? While both are entertaining and delightful to ride with, you can feel perplexed.

In this article, we will provide you crucial information about RipStik vs Skateboard.


Skateboards have a long history, but some people may only know them as pieces of small wooden slabs with wheels that need to be pushed firmly to move.

RipStik vs Skateboard

Although they may appear straightforward, skateboards are more than that. Skateboarding businesses have developed a lot of advancements throughout the years to make the sport more thrilling.

Hence, decks are frequently constructed from sturdy maple wood, trucks are made of aluminum, and wheels are made of urethane. Also, the sizes of these essential skateboard components are suitable for everyone who wants to try skating.

Skateboards can be used for more than just fun. They may also be used for transportation and competition.


  • Completely adaptable
  • More choices equate to more riding alternatives
  • Top for performing tricks
  • Every rider has option that are both casual and extreme.


  • Costly
  • A little difficult to carry and park


A particular style of caster board that enables the rider to pull off feats and stunts is the Rip Stick skateboard. Both kids and adults like playing with it.

It can be challenging to select thebest Ripstik because there are so many various brands and types on the market. 

A ripstik longboards 360 degree casters enable incredible turns after you have mastered riding it. This board’s bolder variety of patterns and forms is another feature you might adore.

RipStik vs Skateboard


  • Less expensive
  • More easily turned
  • Suitable for sporadic use


  • Look awkward
  • No possibility to customize

Difference between RipStik vs Skateboard

There are various difference between RipStik vs Skateboard. But the main difference between them are given below:


Jumping stunts can be performed on both types of boards, and the RipStik can be utilized for almost any trick that can be performed on a skateboard.

It’s a little bit harder to start learning tricks on the Ripstik board. The good new is that many tricks can be performed with very similar motions.

 When switching from using a skateboard to a Ripstik, with nly minor adjustments needed to accommodate the new board. This makes the learning curve for experienced skaters shallowerr.

Grinding tricks

The greater capacity for grinding stunts when using a skateboard is an obvious benefit. Instead of rolling on wheels, a grind is accomplished by sliding the bottom of the board along a flat surface.

 A skateboard’s nose and tail, as well as the trucks that link the front wheels and back wheels, can be used for grinding. Grinding on a RipStik is much harder due to the RipStik’s two-wheel design and centre rod construction.

Learning Curve

The learning curve is another significant distinction to consider while choosing a board. It’s not too difficult to learn how to ride a skateboard. The ride is much easier thanks to the broader board and more stable platform.

The Ripstik requires some getting used to since it takes more practice to master the swivel action that gives you momentum than it does to just learn how to stand on a skateboard correctly and push off at a controlled rate.

RipStik vs Skateboard


The shape of the boards are radically different, which is the most evident difference that is immediately apparent. For the most part, people are more familiar with the shape of a skateboard, which is long, rounded in the front and, in case of a trick board, also rounded in the back, with exaggerated lips.

Ripstik comprises of two independent boards for standing that are joined by acentral rod. The Ripstik only has two wheels overall, one centred on each of the two boards as opposed to two wheels in front and two in rear.


The method of self-propulsion is one of the more intriguing differences that a Ripstik offers. A skateboard rider must lift one foot off the ground to propel themselves ahead.

On the other hand, a skateboard Ripstick distinctive design enables it to produce its own motion. A rider can advance on the Ripstik in a weaving motion by alternating pressure on his back heel and front toes, then back toes and front heel.

Difficult to Learn

Ripstik boards are composed of various materials, and for some people, learning to use one can be more difficult than learning to ride a skateboard. If you want to learn how to use the Board quickly, it’s crucial that you spend money on a decent training film or book.

To avoid hurting yourself while learning new routines, make sure your feet have enough space on the board and that your arms are completely extended when doing tricks. As with any activity, it’s better to get familiar with the Board by starting out gently and building up your speed gradually over time.

Width of the deck

Skateboards are available in a wide range of styles, dimensions, and customizations. The typical skateboard deckmeasures between 5’’ and 6’’, with a length that oftens falls between 28’’ and 33’’.

There are several models of Ripstiks, each with unique proportions:

Ripstik Classic33.5’’ × 8.7 × 5’’
Ripstik Ripster27’’× 9’’× 4.5’’
Ripstik Air34’’ × 9’’ × 4.5’’

Acquiring new skills

Skateboards were the first type of board that young people had access to, therefore it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they were where the complete spectrum of skating tricks began.

A skateboard is your tries and true method for performing whatever trick you want to. A skateboard can handle everything from ramps to rails, skateparks to city streets.

The majority of riders who can master stunts on a Ripstik typically originally mastered them on a skateboard.

Moving a Ripstik is challenging enough. While, it is possible to use a Ripstik for grinds and other tricks, it is not advisable.


Your answer of both question how much does a ripstick cost or how much is a ripstik is given below.

Skateboard and Ripstiks are priced differently based on a variety of reasons. These characteristics include their design, reputation, durability, and more.

Ripstiks come in a variety of varieties. But generally, they go between $40 to $100. Prices for some high end Ripstiks may be more, while less expensive models may be just as good.

Similar to a Ripstik, you might also be able to get a respectable skateboard for $100, however the cost may double for high end models.


There are very few ways in which a RipStik vs skateboard are comparable. It has wheels and a deck. Other than that, everything is different. There is no need to push off with your feet; it moves forward on the movement of your body. 

Without taking your feet off the RipStik’s surface, self-propulsion is possible thanks to a slender neck that spins between the two footpads. Its motion is aided by the caster-style wheels, which also enable far tighter turns than a conventional skateboard.


Is Ripstik Exercise a Healthy?

According to a study by the University of Salford in the UK, riding a Ripstik uses 233% more energy than walking.

Can a Ripstik Aid in Weight Loss?

If used regularly, they are an excellent exercise tool. In fact, some PE classes in the US and the UK use them.

Is Riding Ripsticks Challenging?

It takes some skills to be able to get on the board, accelerate, and turn with ease when riding a Ripstik, even if it appears to be an easy task. If possible practice for 30 minutes each day until you feel confident getting in the car and going on a ride. The more you practice, the simpler it will be to ride a Ripstik.

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