Vans Old Skool vs Skate Old Skool

Vans Old Skool vs Skate Old Skool

A company called vans is well known for its high top sneakers. Since 1966, Vans has been a well known rival in the industry and has developed into one of the most well known shoe companies worldwide.

Vans produces well known athletic footwear such as skate shoe, BMX shoes, snowboarding boots etc.Vans Old Skool vs Skate Old Skool are two vans most well known products.

Vans Old Skool

There’s a good reason why the Vans Old Skool sneaker has been revived. The skateboarding-inspired look can be worn casually with shorts or pants. The canvas upper is strong enough to last a few months of skating, and the vulcanised, flat sole is ideal for board-feel whether skateboarding or longboarding. Despite having feet with high arches, I discovered that my pair fit true to size and was comfy.

I enjoy Vans. Vans old skool good for skating. In all honesty, I prefer skating vans old skool and even have a pair of their iconic trainers that I can wear when I’m not skating. So even though I might be a little biassed in favour of this sneaker, I’ll do my best to be truthful about my observations. I need to replace a pair that I’ve worn out.


  • Cushioned collars
  • Old skool go well with partially any situation


  • Some of the canvas feels a little thin
Vans Old Skool vs Skate Old Skool

Skate Old Skool

The skate classic line, which has been completely updated for contemporary skating, gives skateboarders more of what they need to advance as far as possible.

The skate old skool gives you the iconic look you want while delivering all the performance advantages skateboarders demand. It is made with traditional suede and canvas uppers.



  • It takes a little longer to break in skate old skool.

Difference Between Vans Old Skool vs Skate Old Skool

Featuring the well-known Vans Old Skool vs Skate Old Skool. Compared to the model, there are a few differences that we will discuss first. The material is slightly thicker. It is constructed using a slightly different design than the previous canvas on a regular basis. Now let’s look at the detail difference:

Vans Old Skool vs Skate Old Skool

Design and Structure

The design pattern is remarkably similar overall. They both have low ankle arches. Midway from the heel is the recognizable strip. Canvas and thin leather are used for the structure’s sides. Because the shaft and arch only measures about 3.5 inches, it is relatively lightweight.


Vans created the skate old skool shoes for a reason. These pairs are used for skate parks, jumps, grinds, slides and other manoeuvres.

Normal old skool skate vansl shoes are excellent for casual wear, general styling, and a variety of additional uses. But using them toi ride up ramps and other obstacles would only cause harm and hasten their wear and tear.


Skate old skool works well for skateboarding since its suede accents seem more robust. Skate old skoolhas much larger foxing tape. The upper and sole hold more firmly as a result. Skate old schools are best in performance as compared to the Vans old school.


There is not a big price difference between both of them. Hence, price of both are given below:

Vans old skool/ Skate old skoolPrice
Vans Old skool classic$35-$125
Etnies Men’s Jmeson$69
Vans old skool MTE Zapatillas$53-$86
vans skate old skool shoes$60

Features of Vans Shoes

Are vans old skool comfortable? Yes. Vans sneakers provide excellent support and all-day comfort. They are the pinnacle of form and function, and their flexible canvas material and firm rubber sole make them perfect for walking.

Vans Old Skool vs Skate Old Skool

Although boat shoes and deck shoes are excellent for the beach, Vans are attractive because of their remarkable versatility. These are remarkably sturdy and stylish enough to take you from work to the weekend. Canvas Vans shoes are flexible enough to be worn every day, in contrast to hiking shoes, which frequently have a more structural shape that can restrict lateral movement.

Even when you put your shoes through their paces, the proper footwear ought to provide the best possible support and cushioning. Over time, an impact-absorbing rubber outsole and padded collar will also be helpful. To get through a busy workday, the proper footwear is essential. Choose a pair of Vans from the store floor or your new standing desk that will suit you nicely (and your next workday).

Choosing the right shoes for daily exercise can be challenging with so many alternatives available. At Vans, we aim out to create footwear that is both fashionable and functional.


You can choose the right shoes for you by comparing Vans Old Skool vs Skate Old Skool, and many other shoes models.  Hope so, this article also helps you to get your answer about why are vans good for skating?

All you have to do is pay close attention to the small nuances and be able to tell these pairs of options apart.So, if you’re looking at two o the best vans shoes. Now you must chosen a decision.


Are vans Good for Skating?

Vans have been a favourite among skateboarders since the beginning because to its durable design and distinctive outsole. Skaters have control and confidence thanks to the perfect balance of grip, comfort, and durability without sacrificing the board’s feel. It improves stability and preserves board feel with the use of a heel stiffener, PopCush sole that absorbs shock and reduces foot fatigue and Outsole vulcanised for maximum flexibility

What does it Mean by Vans vs Vans off the Wall?

Skateboarders in the middle of the 1970s were landing new tricks in empty pools by physically skating off the wall, hence the term “Off The Wall.” At the time, skateboarders were social misfits who used their sport as a means of self-expression.

Can you Skate in Standard Vans Old Skools?

There is a reason why Vans sneakers are recognisable and linked to skateboarding. They are just fantastic shoes. Conversely, a pair of Van’s Classics or Van’s Old Skool trainers are a great shoe for skaters of all skill levels. The company does offer models that are not intended for skating, so be sure to avoid those.

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