Flameboy vs Wet Willy Skateboard from World Industries

Flameboy vs Wet Willy Skateboard

Comparison and competition between brands, styles, and board composition are constant in the skateboard market. Professionals and experts participate in their research and assist customers in selecting fashionable purchases.  

 But just because a request includes well-known businesses doesn’t automatically mean you can’t keep an eye on other companies. Who knows, you might learn more about the commodity.   So let’s see how the Flameboy vs. Wet Willy skateboard does right now. Some people might not be familiar with this business. But before you do, let us walk you through its history.


World Industries is a skating brand that sells apparel, accessories, and skateboarding gear. Steve Rocco established the business in 1987. Skater Rodney Mullen joined Rocco in 1988, followed by Mike Vallely in 1989.

Flameboy vs Wet Willy Skateboard

World Industries is run by GVS America, a division of INA sports Inc. and FGL sports Ltd., as of 2014. The business also manufacturers and markets Longboards.

FoundedMarch 1989
FoundersSteve Rocco, Rodney Mullen, Mike Valley
HeadquartersSanta Monica, California, U.S., United States
ProductsSkateboarding equipments, clothing, snowboards, accessories, outwear etc.
OwnerINA Sports Inc. & FGL sports Ltd.
ParentGVS America

About Flameboy vs Wet Willy Skateboard

Recognize Rodney Mullen? Most likely, you do! He is the one who popularised flips and 360s on a worldwide scale.

In the 1990s, Mullen co-founded World Industries with Steve Rocco, another industry expert. And the company’s popularity skyrocketed.

If we use the Flameboy vs. Wet Willy light up skateboard as an example, this brand’s contemporary approach to street skating is one of the things that contributed to its popularity.

As shown in the 2007 skate documentary “The Man Who Souled The World,” Steve Rocco, the creator of World Industries, was at a crucial turning point before Flameboy and Wet Willy were born. 

Rocco, who was notorious for attacking other skate brands, had made a promise to Mike Ternasky, a friend and the founder of Plan B Skateboards, not to attack the then-emerging skate brands, notably Girl Skateboards, before Ternasky’s death (Ternasky was killed in an automobile accident in 1994). Ternasky requested instead that Rocco “think outside the box and beat them in a way that’s never been done before.”

Rocco followed this advice and concentrated on the skateboarding market for children aged 8 to 12. Regarding younger audiences, Rocco remarked “They don’t know who pros are and they don’t want skulls on their boards” The new characters created by McKee, Flameboy, Wet Willy, and Devilman, which were featured on full skateboards, decks, soft goods, and even toys, became the emphasis of the world industries brand.

Flameboy vs Wet Willy Skateboard

After the characters were introduced world industries sales uncreased within a year. Flameboy and wet willy are getting ready for new challenge after enduring the ups and downs and distribution changes of the skate industry over the course of sixteen years.

One of the most cherished creations from the company is the World Industries Flameboy VS Wet Willy skateboard. It has striking images of fire and water that stand in for the characters printed on the item. 

Pros and Cons

As with any skateboard Flameboy vs Wet willy has shortcomings. But despite being abandoned in recent years, it nonetheless had an impact.

This company’s wet willy skateboard deck and wheel size are among of the features that many skaters adore. The stepping surface is wide, allowing plenty of room for the skaters motions. Its broad wheels also help skaters maintain balance and move more fluidly.

The decks composition must not be the best choice for experienced riders. However for beginners should use it more frequently.

However, if world industries kept making skateboards, it might also go up against today’s leading manufacturers.


The Wet Willy Regret and Flameboy Fire Sauce boards, which have ABEC 5 bearings, are recommended for users who want more speed.

For instance, its 59mm wheels on a 27.5-inch release support the deck’s stability and increase overall speed.

Flameboy VS Wet Willy, a more established skateboard manufacturer, also used urethane wheels and ABEC-scale bearings in their system.

The skateboard’s bearings are the one notable aspect about which I’m shocked. They are not now the best skateboard bearings. However, based on their ABEC 3 grade, I don’t sure they are all that horrible. The wheels don’t move slowly and they roll reasonably.

Flameboy vs Wet Willy Skateboard


Skateboards trucks are made of aluminium are lightweight, to start. Second, they support good grinding without adding weight to the deck.

All skateboards in use today have a truck. A set of aluminium wheel holders are included with Flameboy vs Wet Will, and like many other brands, they are dependable for a variety of factors.


Skateboards made by Wet Willy World Industries are likewise of high quality in terms of composition. Most have a 9 ply birch body or a 7 ply maple body. Users can do stunts on these kinds of wood without being concerned that their boards would break.

Skateboards from Flameboy vs Wet Willy come with a variety of deck sizes, including 8.1, 8.3, and 8.5. The stepping surface on these skateboards is sizable, and practically any height, age, and foot size can ride them.

Naturally, world industries places a high priority on safety. They therefore, put a piece of grip tape that is anti slip to the deck’s walking surface.


There are difference in prices of Flameboy vs Wet Willy Skateboard. Some best skateboards are given below:

Flame and wet willy skateboard$57
Flame and wet willy skateboard mischievous charcyers$49.99
Fbww cruiser flameboy wet willy cruiser skateboard$25.73
Vintage flameboy vs wet willy skateboard rare$140
World industry wet willy 8.1’’ skateboard$69.95
World Industries skateboards flameboy fire $89.99


We have observed how manufacturers and companies improved the design and innovation of skateboards. New boards and style will undoubtedly join the market in the upcoming years, surprising many skateboard aficionados.

The flame vs wet willy skateboard has left a legacy that both current and up and coming brands can draw inspiration from.

It’s possible that the world industries skateboards have vanished. But many people still recall it.


How is a Wet Skateboard Fixed?

How Do You Clean a Waterlogged Skateboard? Remove the trucks and wheels first, then check the condition of the board itself. If so, you can use a hairdryer set to low heat or place it in the sun to try and dry it out. Reassemble the components after it has dried to check if the ride is still smooth.

What Brand are Fire Boy Skateboards ?

Boards, shoes, wheels, accessories, and other skateboard products are produced by World Industries. Wet Willy and Flame Boy, their two primary mascots, are more known for them.

Is Getting wet Hazardous for a Skateboard?

Avoid getting your skateboard wet as much as you can. Water damages the boards, trucks, bearings and bolts. Additionally, hydrplanning can be a problem for you, which might make it difficult for you to control the skateboard.

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