High Trucks vs Low Trucks Benefit & Difference

High Trucks vs Low Trucks

One type of action sport that involves balancing on top of a specially-made wooden skateboard and moving forward with one foot is called skateboarding. The skateboard is propelled by wheels that are positioned beneath it. 

The truck, which is the axle attached to the board’s base and holds the wheels, is the most crucial component of a skateboard. There are low and high trucks available, depending on the board’s design and the skateboarder’s needs. Many folks are still perplexed by these trucks. To make it simpler to pick between high and low trucks, this page explains the distinctions between high trucks vs low trucks and their features.

Low Trucks

The phrase “low trucks” simply refers to skateboard trucks having a riding height of under 50mm. From the baseplate to the center of the axle, measure the truck’s ride height. The axle and hanger assembly will be placed closer to your deck on trucks referred to as low trucks.

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Low trucks are typically used for technical skating since the wheels are positioned closer to the board, creating a tighter center of gravity that facilitates flip tricks. To prevent wheel bite, you should ride wheels with a diameter of 48 to 53 mm. Ledge grinds and other “tech” skatepark skating is better suited for these trucks.

High Trucks vs Low Trucks


  • You can travel at a faster speed thanks to low trucks than high trucks.
  • With a low truck, performing tricks will be simpler for you. 
  • You can use a variety of methods, and low trucks are best for ledge grinding. Professionals favor them for this reason.
  • Low trucks allow you to modify your body’s center of gravity while riding because the deck is closer to the ground.


  • Low trucks can cause dangerously high speeds, especially for people who aren’t skilled skateboarders.
  • Not for downhill driving when you have to maneuver carefully and maintain safety at abrupt turns.

High Trucks

High trucks are better for turning because the different geometry allows the truck to pivot further. Larger wheels, between 53mm and 58mm in diameter, can be mounted without causing wheel bite because the axle now rests farther away from the deck. You can ride looser trucks since the wheels will have more room to move before making contact with the ground.

In other words, high trucks will raise your deck higher off the ground, allowing you to stand taller than you would on low trucks. High truck height varies depending on the manufacturer.


  • High trucks are more suited for beginners because of their modest speed, which won’t cause you to lose control.
  • Several wheel sizes are suitable for high trucks.
  • They reduce instances of wheel bite, which is one of the frequent aspects determining how you ride.
  • Your ability to navigate will be made easier and more convenient by the distance between your deck and the ground.
  • The truck’s weight is equally distributed throughout to maintain a stable center of gravity and guard against bolt damage.
  • suitable for flexible navigation and low-speed downhill methods.


  • You cannot ride at the maximum speed that low trucks enable.
High Trucks vs Low Trucks

Truck Sizes for Skateboards

The following truck sizes are recommended for skateboards:


Advice On Choosing High Trucks vs Low Trucks

Even novices struggle with selecting the best one for their skateboard. The following advice will make your decision between high and low-skateboard trucks simpler. The skateboard trucks guide is given below:

Riding Fashion

As usual, low skateboard trucks may assist you more if you want to ride street skating style or cruise. Low trucks are best trucks for street skating. High trucks, on the other hand, are the best option for downhill skating.

The decision is variable and based on your requirements. Because of this, before determining the right truck’s height, you might think about the style that you typically perform.

Wheel Dimensions

The height of the truck and the size of the wheels will affect one another, as we have repeatedly stated. Ensure you get the right one to avoid affecting the trip’s efficiency. You can choose between high and low trucks based on the size of the wheels or vice versa.

Verify Your Deck Size

Without a doubt, the truck will have a direct impact on your skateboard’s stability and turning radius. Because of this, you must first determine the size of the deck before making a decision.

You should keep in mind that a truck will be taller the broader and longer the deck is. It’s best to take precise measurements of the base width and wheelbase.

Your Skill

What level are you at right now? Are you just learning to ride a skateboard or an expert?

Choose a truck that is significantly taller if you are a beginner. That will make it easier for you to maneuver the skateboard and prevent wheel bite, which is a common problem for beginners.

Professionals, meanwhile, prefer low-profile vehicles. Low ones are dependable supporters in this situation because they will be enthusiastic about traveling at high speeds and doing difficult maneuvers and tricks.

High Trucks vs Low Trucks

You might not notice many differences between trucks if you’re new to the game. Yet, once you reach the professional level, the height of your trucks can truly make a difference.

What gives with these heights, then? Compared to their taller rivals, lower trucks with a passage height of less than 50mm offer more stability. 

This is excellent for performing flips and other technical tricks when street skating.

High Trucks vs Low Trucks

Trucks are crucial components of a skateboard since they support the entire skateboarder’s weight through the wheels. These are actually steel axles that may be either low or high depending on the skateboarder’s needs.

  • Why The skateboarder has better control of the board thanks to lower trucks because they give him more stability than high trucks.
  • So, if a person is interested in flips and other tricks, lower trucks are better for him.
  • High trucks are better suitable for skating long distances because they require larger wheels.
  • Skateboarders may travel faster with high trucks than with low trucks.
  •  When a skateboarder uses high trucks as opposed to low trucks, he can leap significantly higher in the air.
  • While skating on city streets or when you want to wow others with your flips and tricks, choose low trucks.
  • When skateboarding on the ramp, use high trucks.

More Factors to Consider

When assembling a complete skateboard, there are other factors to consider besides selecting the appropriate low skateboard trucks.

 Our comprehensive buyer’s guides cover a variety of topics, including whether or not you need huge wheels, the buzz around ABEC-rated bearings, and risers, whether or not kingpins are vital, how crucial skateboard wheels are, and what is purely a matter of personal opinion.

You may find excellent videos on YouTube about skateboarding’s more technical aspects; often, a channel’s content gets better as it gains more users. 

Go over the comments and see what people are saying about the information. Truck manufacturers will always give technical details, such as vehicle height.

Moreover, keep in mind that new trucks may require some time to break in, so if you don’t like them at first, we advise continuing to skate them. I’ve purchased items that I initially disliked but later came to adore after becoming acquainted with the equipment.

You’ll still have a blast skating regardless of your choice of higher or lower trucks, brand names like Independent Trucks or Venture Trucks, small wheels, pricey skateboard bearings, or even starting out on a longboard.

 The width of your skateboard deck and the size of your wheels are both crucial, but all you need to do to get started is match your hanger size to that width.


Just keep in mind to have fun whether you’re riding high or low trucks, Independent or Venture brand trucks, small, lightweight wheels, pricey bearings, or even a longboard. You’ll be good to go if you match the breadth of your deck to the size of your hanger.

Don’t worry too much if you’re just driving around and popping a few casual ollies. Once your skating skills have improved, go into the technical specifications. Hope this article helps you in getting information about high trucks vs low trucks.


How are Skateboard Trucks Measured?

how to measure a skateboard truck? The answer is that The axle width or hanger width is used to gauge truck size. Your wheels’ spacing is determined by the width of the hanger and axle. Since different truck widths are better suited for various riding styles, the width of your trucks will have an impact on how well your board performs. The most typical configuration, which also provides the best stability, has the truck axle around the same width as your deck. In general, choose an axle that is just a little bit more or a little bit less than 1/4″ the width of the board.

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