Canvas vs Suede Skate Shoes | Complete Guide 2023

Canvas vs Suede Skate Shoes

Before it can be used for your shoes, bags, or even coats, suede is a totally distinct fabric and goes through a different procedure. In addition to being from a different source, suede is made of protein, whereas canvas is made of cellulose.

Suede is also not typically worn for casual clothing like canvas is in history. When making casual clothing for yourself and your family, avoid suede because of how difficult it is to keep clean.

Canvas is a preferable fabric when speed and weight are crucial considerations in your sewing tasks because it is also lighter than suede-based materials. Suede is also more delicate than canvas has ever been. To maintain the suede material in peak condition, special care must be taken.

In this article we will give you the detail information about canvas vs suede skate shoes.

Canvas Skate Shoe

A very basic style of sneaker or casual shoe is the canvas shoe. It is made of a rubber sole and a canvas upper, which is a fairly basic construction. High top and low top canvas shoes are readily available in virtually any colour you could imagine. Some canvas shoes, particularly those made for kids, also have adorable patterns on them.

 Conversely, canvas shoes do not provide much support, cushioning, or shock absorption, making them unsuitable for any form of activity that involves pounding the pavement. Buy a real pair of trainers if you exercise, play tennis, do aerobics or engage in any other sport; save the canvas shoes for the beach or backyard.

Canvas vs Suede Skate Shoes


  • Durable
  • Suitable for any skateboarding
  • Strechy and Simple


  • Difficult to keep clean and maintain canvas

Suede Skate Shoe

Compared to its calf leather and patent siblings, suede is a more delicate fabric. Since snow and salt are less likely to ruin the delicate nature than they can in the winter, it may even be better in the warmer months. Suede is the most comfortable material for shoes, despite not being the most resilient.

All year long, I happen to be a major fan of suede footwear, I always choose suede over leather when given the choice between the two materials for a shoe. The pros and cons of suede skate shoe are given below:


  • Airy and lightweight
  • Less expensive
  • Wonderful for cruising


  • Not the strongest material for shoe
  • Degrade more quickly

Difference Between Canvas vs Suede Skate Shoes

There is a huge difference between canvas vs suede skate shoes. Some of the main difference of suede vs canvas skate shoes are given below:


Before being used as the final product for shoes or other clothing, both materials go through various processes. Suede and canvas are not at all the same in appearance.

Suede is made of protein, while canvas is made of cellulose.To achieve the desired resilience, textile or cotton fibre is woven or knitted to create canvas. Suede, on the other hand, comes from the backside of an animal hide. 

Canvas vs Suede Skate Shoes


In a few situations, canvas can be used to make apparel. Mainly because canvas is a washable fabric. So, maintaining it isn’t all that difficult.

To keep Suede trainers clean, shoe enthusiasts frequently spend money on suede cleaners.

It’s harder to clean suede footwear. It can’t just be dropped into a tub of water. 

In each of these cases, the surface of the sneaker was only dampened; no dipping was done. Others clean them up with vinegar or rubbing alcohol. 

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Which of the two materials, then, has the advantage in this regard? It’s the canvas used in the shoes. Additionally, canvas has more uses and can be modified more quickly using textile tools.

As previously noted, the weight of the shoes affects our choice to purchase a pair. Because regardless of how attractive the sneaker is, if it makes your foot sore even after a brief ride, you’ll probably get tired.

Usage Restrictions

we don’t claim that canvas repels mud and dirt from rain, it is simpler to clean than suede. It’s not impossible, doing so will require all day long scrubbing of the dirt from these shoes. 


The price of both suede and canvas skate shoes are given below. Which helps you to decide which one is affordable for you.

Summer low top canvas trendy skate shoe$9.70- $10.90
Spring Mens loafers canvas shoes$3.84- $4.61
Fashion canvas sneakers$2.39- $3.39
Custom footwear sneakers SB low suede$16.00- $63.00
Blue suede multi coloful roller skate$13.20- $13.50
Factory custom men skate suede upper$7.80- $9.20

While some skaters prefer to spend more money on higher-end footwear, others are content with less expensive but more robust footwear.

You might already be able to tell by feeling each type of shoe how robust it is. Otherwise, research a product’s materials before purchasing.

The endurance of the materials is one aspect that affects this variation. Therefore, if you have a tight budget, it would be fair to mark down suede.


Suede vs canvas durability is that You might not be content with them after using them beyond that point. Conversely, canvas trainers are not completely useless for skateboarding. Compare canvas and denim.

If you don’t frequently execute tricks or you skate without needing to grind your shoes against the deck, canvas trainers can be a decent choice.

Canvas vs Suede Skate Shoes

Skaters and the majority of shoe customers assess the sneaker’s durability in addition to weight. And we are aware that we cannot purchase a pair for a low price and expect it to withstand years of heavy use.

Best Brand Name of Skate Shoes

Due to its blend of performance driven technology and contemporary style, Nike SB has emerged as a top option in recent years. Their shoe feel lightweight and provide excellent cushioning. The company is also well known for creating limited edition trainers with unique designs or hues.

There are a select few manufacturers and alternatives  that stand out from the competition while searching for the best skateboarding shoes. Some of the most well known brands among skaters include:

  • Nike SB
  • Adidas Skateboarding
  • Vans
  • America

These businesses have been around for a while and provide high quality materials and distinctive designs to satisfy the needs of any skater.


Shoes can be both gifts and self rewards and they satisfy us in many different ways. Everyone’s desire is to skateboard while wearing a pair of skates that fit our preferences, are extremely durable, and are lightweight.  Suede vs canvas material are little diff from each other.

To analyse various styles of skate shoes, all we need is knowledge and now that you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of Canvas vs suede skate shoes.


Is Suede Better tthan Canvas?

Canvas wears out quicker than suede. We might comprehend this conclusion more fully if we were to comprehend the history of suede. Suede is made from leather or hide of animals. So, when we compare leather shoes to canvas shoes, the latter still prevails in this regard. Fibres are not tied or knitted together to create leather. When mounted on a skate shoe, the suede is frequently solid.
Canvas, though, might separate earlier than anticipated. Additionally, the canvas on these shoes might not be in its best shape because many brands won’t sacrifice weight when producing skateboard sneakers, which is another disadvantage.

How High Quality is Suede?

Suede , apremium variety of leather produced from the underside of the animal hide, is a popular choice. It has a silky, smooth surface and is favoured for clothing such as shoes, accessories, and coats.

Is Canvas a Good or Terrible Material?

It’s well known that canvas is durable, robust, and poweful. By combining cotton with synthetic fibres, Canvas can be made water resistant or waterproof. It is an excellent cloth for outdoor use because of this.

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