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How Much Does a Skateboard Cost

The Skateboard itself has undergone various technological advancements as skateboarding gains popularity worldwide. Skateboards come in many different makes and kinds today. How much does a skateboard cost is the main question people frequently ask before buying a Skateboard, so here is some information that will help you buy the Skateboard of your choice.

The Budget issue always arises, whether skating is your new passion or you have opted to spice up your skateboarding. Setting a budget might be difficult. But do not worry. We’ll talk about all that and more in this article to save you from overpaying for a skateboard with only half the stated features.

Additionally, we will go into the cost of making your own Skateboard so you have complete control over the standard. Weight of a skateboard also matters a lot. We have a detailed article about weight of a skateboard in detail.

How much does a Skateboard cost?

You are one of many who struggle to determine how much money to spend on your Board. Skateboarders frequently need clarification because there are so many options on the market.

Skateboards range in price from $20 to $300, spending on the quality, brand, and store whether it is bought. Whether you are more concerned with the longevity of the materials or the brand will also affect the price.

The minority skateboard with a 32-inch deck was selected as the finest Skateboard for 2021 by the majority of reviews of the top skateboard manufacturers.

This durable Board is excellent for beginners. You will be surprised at the cost. The cost is just $59.89. This Board is available through Amazon.

The Board will cost you roughly in the center of the price range if you buy the pieces separately and last you for about five years. Any modifications you make to your Skateboard will increase or decrease the cost, depending on your decisions.

Set your settings in advance because a skateboard will drastically affect your performance. A small amount of extra money can result in twice as much fun. However, you must be careful how you use the extra cash.

If you are staring out, consider your preferred skateboard style and how frequently you will be skating. Next is the quality that would satisfy your requirements and price range.

how much is a good skateboard

Why does the cost Depend on the type 0f Board?

Always choose the type of Boarding you wish to do before purchasing a skateboard. This in turn, will define the type of Board you wish to buy and consequently impact the price.

Tony Hawk, a Skateboarding expert claims that there are seven types of skating. These kinds are defined below:
Noncompetitive downhill skating makes use of longboards to accelerate as quickly as feasible.
Longboards or cruisers are used for cruising, which entails riding comfortably over great distances.

Mountain biking, off roading, involves traveling over unsteady, rugged terrain.
Simple tricks must be executed in freestyle on a flat surface.
In pools, ramps and half pipes, skateboarding vertically is practiced.
Skating at skate parks that have already been built is known as park skating.
Street skating makes use of urban scenery.

Cost of Skateboards according to Type of Skateboard

Cost of Skateboards according to Type of Skateboard:

Your needs and skating preferences will determine the kind of Skateboard you need to purchase your budget will also be affected by it.

Here are the seven primary types of skateboards and their prices.

How Much Does a Skateboard Cost for Beginners:

These skateboards are perfect for new skaters who want to experience the excitement of skating without breaking the bank. Although not the best, this variety is adequate for beginners and moderate skaters.

Skateboards of average grade cost $40 to $70.

Traditional Skateboards:

These skateboards are a versatile choice since, with the expectation of cruising, they accommodate a variety of skating techniques. Based on these skills, they are divided into different groups.

Traditional Skateboards cost between $60 and $400.

Street Skateboard:

These thin Skateboards are used mainly by skaters who wish to perform slides, grinds, and tricks in urban settings. Most likely, you have seen one of them in an advertisement or a park nearby.

For convenience of usage. They have popsicle stick shaped decks with tiny wheels.

Street skateboards range in price from $70 to $200.

Unpainted Skateboards:

Professionals can use blank skateboards, and you can still receive good value of your money. They are easy to use and make skating uncomplicated.

The majority of these boards are solid colors without any elaborate pattern for ornamentation. These skateboards cost $50 to $110.

Professional Skateboards:

They are typically found during skating contests because they are primarily used in competitions. You can quickly learn to ride them because they have a sturdy deck.

Skateboards used by professionals cost between $100 and $250.

Kids Skateboard:

These skateboards are designed with kids in mind, as the name would imply. They are less expensive and provide the bare minimum in skating safety.

Skateboards for kids range in price $20 to $45.

Long skateboards:

Longboards provide the acceleration you need for downhill skating and are made for long-distance cruising. These skateboards provide a firm deck base making them perfect for beginners.

The Long Skateboards cost $60 to $500.

Expenses After Buying Skateboard

Purchasing a skateboard is only the first step. The Extra Expenses are frequently disregarded, but they might mount up depending on the design you want. As the grip tape wears through the suede, street skaters often need to replace their shoes.

Purchasing cheap goods forces you to replace them sooner. While expensive wheels can last a lifetime, cheap wheels flatten quickly. The same is valid for trucks; less expensive trucks deteriorate far more rapidly.

Fair enough, you will pay for your activity or sport. Running for instance, appears inexpensive, but gear and footwear add up. You must frequently update your equipment, precisely like in skateboarding. Depends on how you view it, whether it’s affordable or not.

Additional expenses after buying Skateboard are given below.

Additional items Expenses

Additional itemsExpenses
Tool of skating$7 to $ 35
Helmet used for skating$35 to $55
Pads to protect knee injury$55 to $85
Total$87 to $$175

The additional costs of skateboarders need are given below:

Necessary itemsPrice
Shoes$15 to $20
Pants$25 to $55
Fees of Skate park$12
Replacing items$12

Expenses if you are Making your Skateboard:

You can also make your own Skateboard at home by purchasing their items from the market. The price of those Items are given below:

Parts of SkateboardPrice
Skateboard Deck costs$40 to $70
Wheels of Skateboard$20 to $55
Trucks of Skateboard$25 to $85
Bearings of Skateboard$15 to $ 85
Tape for grip$7
A hardware kit and spacers$7 to $ 25
Total Expenses$114 to $320

Price of Skateboards According to Various Levels: 

Prices of Skateboards according to different levels are given below:

Skateboards for ages below 10:

 The ideal Skateboard for kids under ten, it has a five-piece set of knee, hand, and head protective gear to prevent injuries. With eight eye color catching color combinations to choose from, its lightweight construction gives the wheels additional mobility.

The Jaspo Penny Board combo all in one Skateboard costs Rs.1,4999. It is a best choice for childrens under 10.

Skateboard for Professionals and Adults:

A skateboard that adults and professionals may utilize, equipped with a rubber padded steel torsion bar, a slip resistant concave deck, and other features that improve foot control and enable turning and acceleration without exerting force.

OXOUR skateboard wave board for Rs. 1,548 is the best choice.

Skateboards for Riders of all Skill Level:

Use the Strauss cruiser skateboard to express your passion. It is appropriate for riders of all skill levels, from novice to experts. It has an anti slip design and is shock proof.

This Skateboard costs Rs 1,499.

The Most Expensive Skateboards:

Rare Collectors editions and vanity skateboards can cost up to $45,000. So not all skateboards are designed to be thrown away. It’s absurd when you think about it, but fortunately, many of the bulletin boards on this list are auctioned off, with the proceeds going to charity. Let’s look at some of the priciest skateboards ever made.

The Golden Skateboard:

An electro-plated skateboard made of 99.99% pure gold costing $15,000 was manufactured by Matt and Peter Willet in New york. The grip tape, bearings, wheels and trucks all have gold finish.

Although the wheels are spinning you can not truly ride it.

Exkate X-24:

The Exkate X-24 is a technologically advanced item that differs from the typical manual sportswear. It is a creative device that, thanks to its electric transmission, gives skateboarders an extra level of comfort.

An electric motor powers it, core skaters may effectively do amazing stunts with it. It can accelerate in four seconds from 0 to 20 mph.

Further, it can travel up to 10 miles on a full charge. One would have to spend $1,186 to own it.

White Watercolor Skateboard by Louis Vuitton:

 A Skateboard in white watercolor by Louis Vuitton by way of Wikimedia Commons. These skateboards are crested with LV emblem, same like all Louis Vuitton clothing, and have a watercolor monogram graphic deck.

It also works as home decor. It is likewise composed of wood, and there is no dispute about its durability. A modern one costs $4,800 to purchase.

Home Painted Versace Skateboard:

This Creter de Fleur pattern Versace skateboard is made entirely of wood and has a retro versace emblem from 1990’s. It features heritage aspects in stylish style.

They also think that the skateboarders have an antique collection. One may pay $795 to get their hands on this beauty.

Best Electric Wowog 3 Skateboard:

The only reason the wowog 3 is not frequently featured in debates of the most inexpensive electric skateboards is because it needs to be made aware that it now costs $399.

The wowog 3 is being phased out in favor of the more recent wowog 2s max, and wowogo is getting rid of the remaining inventory by drastically reducing the price.

Price of Skateboards on Different Websites:

There are different prices for skateboards on different websites . Some of them are given below:

Al Walmart:

The average price of Skateboards on al walmart are:

Barbie 31 for beginners$23.80
Krown Rookie Skateboards$39.95
Double Kicktail Beginners skateboard$20.31
Jaxpety Blank Skateboard$49.99

Price of skateboard at Alibaba:

If you are looking for how much is a skateboard at Alibaba, then  prices of different skateboards on Alibaba are given below. Here you can also find how much is electric skateboard costs.

Custom skateboard$3.00 to $5.50
Hard rock Skateboard$26.00 to $ 50.00
Fish plate boosted electric skateboard$60.00 to $75.00
Crown wheel Skateboard$399 to $999

Price of skateboard at Amazon:

Different skateboard pricing on Amazon are given below:

Rayne Longboard$99
Maple wood skateboard$133
Tony Hawk 32 Skateboard$36
Alien Workshop skateboards$92


How much does a skateboard cost is the main question of buyers but the hardest part of skating might just be choosing the correct Skateboard, but not for you. Some high quality boards are available for under $300. Otherwise it will set you back a lot of money just because of the brand.

Make sure to set aside some time to conduct research and determine the type of Skateboard you want or wish to manufacture.

FAQs about How Much Does a Skateboard Cost

How much does an average skateboard cost?

An average skateboard costs USD 100 at retail. Skateboards of lower grade cost between $30 and $60, while those of higher quality can cost more than $200 USD.

Which is the best choice of skateboards for beginners?

For beginners, longboards are a popular choice because they are the simplest to ride right away.

How much is a good skateboard?

Expert skateboarders indicate that the typical price range for a nice skateboard is between $60 and $150. This may cost as little as $170 if you are seeking a high quality skateboard.

Is Skating a Costly Sport?

Skating may be a rather inexpensive activity depending on how frequently and aggressively you skate. It costs money to break a deck occasionally, but buying a deck that can withstand damage may end up saving you money in the long term.

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